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Harm of sugar

Children just love sweets! But what to do if a child consumes an unhealthy amount of sugar? Leading pediatrician explained what it means "too much", And told how to reduce the consumption of sweet foods and how to replace them.

Harm of sugar

Most cereal breakfasts, fruit juices,Cookies, sweets - all these products are high in sugar. For example, one can of a sweet drink contains about nine teaspoons of sugar powder.

All these delicacies should be regarded as Rare treats And do not make their consumption a norm for children.

What is fraught with excessive love of sweet?

Harm of sweet baking

Harm of sugar

Together with a lot of sugar we consume a huge amount of calories. Such unhealthy infatuation leads to the accumulation of fat and Weight gain.

And if such a way of life is led by a child,The likelihood that he will remain overweight in adolescence and in adulthood. The risk of obesity and a deterioration in the quality of life will increase every year.

Sugar for children

Free sugar In excess quantity leads to digestion disorders, tooth decay in children and subsequent problems with them, the risk of developing diabetes is increased.

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Than to replace sugar

  1. Replace ready-made sweet drinks with regular soda with home-made Natural juice. Try to add fresh fruit to the milk. Turn on the imagination and come up with your own alternative to the store's soda!
  2. Change the usual breakfast cereals for Porridge with berries, Yoghurt, diet flakes. Yes, the preparation of such a breakfast takes more time, but it is a tasty and useful alternative to sweets!
    Sugar norm for children
  3. Instead of cakes and cookies for tea, you can serve unsalted nuts, Fruit bars, Rice cakes or bread sticks.
  4. You can bake a wonderful Home-made cake Completely without the addition of sugar, replacing it with dried fruits. And the usual yoghurt with natural berries and fruit salad is much more useful than your favorite cookie.
  5. Be sure to involve children in Joint preparation of food And desserts. If they have cooked something, then with great pleasure they will eat it!
    Than to replace sugar for children
  6. Be an example For your children! If they see how you constantly and with pleasure use healthy food, they will follow your example.

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Main advice: Encourage children to choose healthy foods, eat more vegetables and fruits, and consume a significant amount of fiber. And do not forget about physical activity and moving games!