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Beautiful women aged

Then, How a woman looks In 20 years, is a gift of nature, and in 40 it is the fruit of herDiligence. For some reason it is so established in the CIS countries that it is necessary to be engaged in youth: beautifully to be painted, to go on fitness, to have a hobby, to study something new ... but already somewhere after 30, and even earlier, women sacrifice themselves Life and go into the shadows, they say, where already at that age.

Yes, we can say that to maintain the beauty and youth of the spirit you need a lot of money, time, and here is the husband, children, problems, cares. But look, for example, at the Frenchwoman: it feels like they Life after forty Only it begins. They are well-groomed and have some elusive attractive energy.

Redaction "so simple!" Decided to figure out what to do toGrow old beautiful. Because right now, when old age is only your future, you can do everything possible to one day enter into this state with your head held high.

Beautiful women aged

Many believe that Beautiful aging - this is a myth, and years do not paint anyone. But before you are numerous examples of people who look sexy on both the sixth and the seventh dozen. And here are a few secrets that distinguish them from the majority.

Secrets of beautiful aging

  1. Food as a religion
    We are what we eat. In the opinion of a number of physicians, nutrition affects the condition of the skin and Age-related changesBecause a person receives a huge amount ofNecessary vitamins and minerals with food, and not with food additives. More often lean on products with a natural bright color, as they are rich in vitamins a, c, e, d and k.

    Turn the reception of food into a cult, and it will bring you, besides saturation, also joy. Pamper yourself with beautiful, and sometimes exquisite dishes, and you will notice that cooking is no longer a burden.

  2. It's not about quantity, but as clothing
    Even middle-income women buy themselvesExpensive and comfortable things - cashmere, silk, good shoes and at least one expensive bag. All this together is the elegant style of mature women who are so admired by others.
  3. With age, social life does not come to naught
    Unlike our women, who often chooseTelevision series and sleep instead of social life, French women, especially in large cities, are becoming more active. Children have grown up and do not require constant attention, life is adjusted - it's time to go to parties, guests, good bars, movies and so on.

    Active social life keeps in tone - haircut, styling, Well-groomed hands, Beautiful clothes on an output and necessarily convenient shoes on a heel.

  4. There are no age limits for sexuality and sexual life
    It is considered that after forty comes Second youth - much has been achieved, mastered, it's time to enjoy still a good physical form and experience. Because a woman can be beautiful only when she feels welcome.
  5. Openness to the new
    Every day it is desirable to learn something new andKeep interest in life. All this rejuvenates the person and makes the eyes shine youthful brilliance. Learn foreign languages, learn techniques and new programs.
  6. only forward
    It's hard to move on if you are all the timeLook into the past. Learn from your own mistakes and stop regretting what can not already be changed. Meditation or yoga, as well as dreams and the desire to change, will help to cope with this.
  7. physical exercise
    Cardio-operations are well suited for getting rid ofExcess weight, but with age we need not so much a thin waist as a strong muscle. Shortly after 30, you begin to lose muscle mass (about 5% every 10 years), and you need to support it. This is why for beautiful aging, strength and endurance exercises are required.
  8. makeup
    Many mistakenly believe that with age a womanMore cosmetics are needed. In fact, this is a big mistake, and there is a risk of overdoing with makeup that will make you unnatural and not young at all. But he must attend to hide the imperfections of the skin and draw attention to the virtues.
  9. Sense of humor - a powerful antioxidant
    Treat life with a positive, let through just its bright side. Jokes, and not just about what surrounds you, but above yourself. After all, laughter, as you know, prolongs life.
  10. Age is not a disease
    The most important thing is awareness and acceptance of oneself. Do not regret the lost years, create your own history and memories now. Every period of life has its own joys and pluses. Expect from each day bright and unforgettable moments, and it will surely give you life energy and remove a couple of wrinkles from sadness.

Age should not be a hindrance to beauty! As you see, it is not necessary to spend a lot on cosmetology and plastic surgery, it all starts with your thoughts and attitude to life. The choice is yours: sit in a battered robe at the TV set or open up to this world.

Be beautiful regardless of age! Do not forget to share the rules of beautiful aging with friends!