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Psychosomatics of Diseases

Do you think that you are often sick because of weak immunity? Alas, it's not so simple. one day Medicine and psychology The psychosomatics was united and born - a science that studies the influence of psychological factors on the onset and progress of somatic (bodily) diseases.

About what the body can tell, the editorial board will tell you "so simple!". Most studied Psychological factors, Affecting the occurrence of the following diseasesAnd the appearance of such symptoms: bronchial asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, essential arterial hypertension, headache, dizziness, vegetative disorders in the form of panic attacks.

Psychosomatics of diseases

  1. head
    Headaches are oftenHighly intelligent people who suppress emotions. This problem speaks of low self-esteem and fear, internal reproaches for something and that a person keeps everything in himself.
  2. eyes
    Glaucoma says that you are currently suffering about the past, and also do not want to accept it. Shortsightedness - fear of the future and unwillingness to look beyond your nose.

    Farsightedness testifies to the inabilityLive today, today. A person with hyperopia thinks for too long before doing what needs to be done and can not see the situation as a whole.

  3. neck
    They say that it connects the mind to the senses. Neck diseases indicate that a person is afraid to turn around to hear the truth behind his back, ignoring the situation instead of trying to figure it out. Try with a sore neck to nod affirmatively or negatively to shake your head. This will show what your difficulties are: say yes or no.
  4. mouth
    Diseases of the mouth are associated with corrosiveSoul resentment. Biting the tongue - punishing yourself for talking, cheek - worrying, hiding your secrets and secrets. Mouth is associated with the adoption of new ideas. Any problems in it speak about difficulties in this sphere.

  5. teeth
    Teeth hurt people hesitant and do not acceptsolutions. Everything is decided for you, and you are afraid yourself, you do not know how to analyze life situations. While the upper lateral teeth are responsible for making decisions, while the lower ones are responsible for making their decisions.

    Left - personal, right - social. Still there is an opinion, that problems with the left side of a body fix problems in dialogue with mother, with the right - with the father.

  6. back
    Problems with the back are talking about the lack ofMoral support. People believe that they do not like him, or he must hide his own love. If a person loses mobility, then he can not show love for others through activity. If left, then to close ones, if right - then to the world.
  7. small of the back
    The lower back is connected with material goods,Money, partner, home, children, work, diplomas ... the pain in this area means that you want to have something to feel more confident, but you do not dare to admit it to yourself or others. As a result, you are forced to do everything yourself, that is, everything is on your back.
  8. Joints
    Arthritis - the thought that you do not like. People with arthritis are usually very regular people. For them the word "must" always dominates, they do everything through themselves, literally breaking their "I" through their knees. Frequent dislocations of the limbs suggest that the person is too willing to manipulate themselves. Problems with the knees - stubbornness, pride, suppressed fear and reluctance to yield.
  9. stomach
    Doctors confirm that gastritis often occurs on the basis of experiences and nervous upheavals. stomach problems Signal that you are in a suspended state, in life you lack certainty, and in places even attends a feeling of despair and doom.

    A stomach ulcer speaks of a feeling of defectiveness, of fearAnd insecurity. It also appears due to irritation, which is not released in any way. If such people had spoken, they would not have had ulcers.

  10. excess weight
    Often the body keeps unnecessary to protect itself fromExternal influences. A person is too defenseless before the society, before life as a whole. Sometimes the problem with weight speaks of a depressed desire to achieve what is desired. People with excess weight in childhood or adolescence often experience many humiliations, ridicule and insults in their address.
  11. hair
    Early graying, hair loss, their lifelessness- indicators of stress, helplessness and despair. Hair, especially in women, is a symbol of life energy. Problems can arise if a person lives in constant tension and fear. Sometimes hair diseases can arise as a response to pride and unconscious insult.

Psychosomatic diseases Can arise as a result of problems inRelationships, stress or other causes, often caused by external factors. We can distinguish five emotions on which the psychosomatic theory is based: sadness, anger, interest, fear, joy.

Every day, take time to sort things outIn yourself: in your thoughts, feelings, doubts, plans, attitudes toward these or other people. Find joy in every day and learn not to focus on problems. Pass them through yourself, but do not carry through with your whole life.

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