/ / Woman during menstruation

Woman during menstruation

A woman is given a chance to experience the miracle of procreation, butYou have to pay for this happiness every month. It is this perception of the menstrual cycle that will help to cope with the various inconveniences that appear during menstruation.

This article is not about the fact that during the months you can not wear white pants, and not about the fact that a woman should not be allowed to attend an Orthodox service, if she has that very period ... we will tell you, What can not be done with menstruation, If you want to save your female health.

Woman during menstruation

Woman during menstruation

Many women have painful sensations in the lower abdomen with menstruation, pulling and unpleasant. Can I drink in this case Painkillers?

It is possible, but it is necessary to take into account several points. First, it is strictly forbidden to take drugs that affect blood coagulability and hematopoiesis: Analgin and aspirin. Secondly, you should not prescribe yourself an anesthetic, even if it is not with acetylsalicylic acid, but with paracetamol. It is better to entrust the appointment of drugs to the doctor!

Girl during menstruation

During menstruation the hormonal background changes, accordingly, the reaction of the organism to medicines changes. Allergies can occur for no reason at all. May appear Drug intolerancePrescribed by a doctor against infection, for exampleAntibiotics. If you feel that something is wrong: nauseous, dizzy, permanent weakness, a rash, a sharp pain, a digestive disorder, - immediately to the hospital.

What can not be done with menstruation

Why during a month you can not take a hot bath? Because it stimulates the release of blood and can become Cause of bleeding. The same applies to a hot shower or sauna.

To provoke heavy bleeding can also receive alcohol: he Dilates the walls of blood vessels, So drinking during menstruation is highly undesirable.

Do not eat certain foods for the sameReasons: chocolate, yeast bread, too sharp and salty dishes, sour cream, nuts, eggs, milk, coffee, meat products in the form of sausages. Also this food can become Cause of headache during menstruation And even dizziness.

The uterus is associated with the genitourinary system, soUnderestimate the importance of nutrition! We were taught to avoid physical exertion during menstruation, but very little talked about what you can eat, and what is better to give up. Adjusting the food, you can get rid of even the painful sensations in this period!

What can not be done during menstruation

Any Cosmetic procedures during menstruation - Money thrown to the wind. Peeling, mesotherapy, lip augmentation, injections of botox and hyaluronic acid, tattooing! Even the usual color of hair can give an unexpected result. Pain will increase during any manipulation of the skin and hair, for example, when plucking eyebrows, and all because of the high content of progesterone in the blood.

The whole thing is in the hormonal background, which changes during this period, because the skin and hair behave differently than usual. You can not only not achieve the desired effect of the procedures, but also hurt yourself.

By the way, about not to harm yourself once again. During menstruation, the woman is More emotionally vulnerable. take care of youself: Do not look tearful melodramas, read sad books, talk to sad topics with friends and touch painful issues in dealing with loved ones. It will help to avoid negative emotions, hysterics, unpleasant experiences!

What can not be done with menstruation

Tell your friends, What can not be done during menstruation!! This will help to save their fragile female health. I also recommend reading the article on whether it is possible to make love during the month: we have carefully approached this matter.