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Wicking water

Often in floriculture you can find such a thing as Wick watering. This method of watering has become a real find for those who constantly forget to supply water to indoor plants.

It should be noted that the wicking of water is only suitableFor those plants that love loose and light soil. Owners of large collections of violets simply adore this method. Experienced flower growers argue that it is thanks to the wick watering that they manage to stimulate their curly beauties to Lush bloom.

Wick watering of indoor plants

Wick watering

You will need

  • Glass bottle
  • glass
  • Thick string
  • Mosquito net


  1. Gently cut the neck of the glass bottle. Cut out a square piece of mosquito net and make it a small incision in the middle.
    Wick watering of indoor plants
  2. Fasten the lace or thread on the mosquito net as shown in the photo.
    Wick watering of indoor plants
  3. Thread the thread through the severed neck of the bottle.
    Wick watering of indoor plants
  4. Put a plant in the bottle together with the soil.
    Wick watering of indoor plants
  5. Pour a small amount of water into the glass and put a bottle in it.
    Wick watering of indoor plants

This simple adaptation will help to forget aboutFrequent watering of domestic plants! It should be added that the thread for wick watering should not be entirely of synthetics or polymer, although the presence of these materials is necessary there so that the lace does not rot for a long time. For wick watering it is not necessary to use a glass bottle, you can simply fix the thread on the bottom of the flower pot.

See also in this video how to cut a glass bottle correctly.

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