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Care of houseplants

Plants, like people, need sunny winterLight and warmth. Indoor plants in the cold season often feel bad in the room. The reason for this is too dry air and lack of sunlight.

Redaction "so simple!" Shares the secret of how to help domestic plants feel comfortable in such unfavorable conditions.

Hydrogen peroxide for indoor plants

Care of indoor plants

The recipe is very simple!

  • 1 liter of water
  • 2 tbsp. L. 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide

Mix these two simple ingredients and pour into a bottle with a spray. Spray this solution with indoor plants everyday, And after a while they will thank you with intense growth and generous flowering.

Home care Yet was not so simple and effective!

Hydrogen peroxide for watering flowers

Peroxide solution, you can also water the plants, but Not more than 1 time in Week. Such a procedure helps to disinfect land and prevent the development of harmful bacteria.

By the way, a similar mixture is useful to spray or water the seedlings. Hydrogen peroxide has a stimulating effect on the germination and growth of plants. Watered flowers Every 3-4 days.

Give your flowers a thoughtful care and protection, and they will certainly bloom and green!