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Crafts from sacking

Always admired talented people who from the most icky things can make a masterpiece. After all, it would seem, how can it be useful Old bag, In addition to storing potatoes in it? But it can also become a wonderful element of decor!

Redaction "so simple!" Has prepared a selection for you Great ideas For decor of this material. You only need sacking, lace, needle with thread and inspiration, which we will try to give you.

Crafts from sacking

  1. Make such lovely butterflies, fasten them on clothespins, pins or hairpins. They will serve as a beautiful decoration for curtains or walls.
  2. Wrap the sackcloth floor lamp of your lamp and add some discreet ornaments. Looks superstilno!
  3. Decorate cans using sackcloth and lace. How gentle!
  4. This bouquet will decorate any room!
  5. There was a big bag, but it turned out a little small. They can be used both for storage of small things, and for decor.
  6. Such decorative pillows will look great on the couch. You can make both pillow cases from sacking, and pillows, filling them with feathers or synthetic materials.
  7. The most ordinary pots for pots will play in a new way.
  8. There were unremarkable candles, but became festive. These are the wonders of the duo Burlap and lace.
  9. Such decorations will certainly give the room a romantic mood.
  10. Even a cover of a notebook or a book can be original ...
  11. Such a flower will decorate any room.
  12. The reception of food will be more pleasant if you serve the instruments so beautifully.
  13. Diversify a white tablecloth or cover an old nightstand will help you such a simple product ...
  14. Is needed Shopping bag? So make it yourself! It turns out very cute.
  15. Such angels will give comfort and will protect your house!

So rather go to the pantry for a bag. You will be able to translate these ideas into reality, even if you have never dealt with sewing or decorating in your life. Show a little imagination, and your hands will create Exquisite things, Which will admire all your friends.

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