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Quality of rice

Annually China produces about 1.4 million tons of ricefor export. This makes the Celestial one of the largest suppliers of this product in the world. However, how shocked we were when we read the report of a Korean edition: "Chinese rice Is dangerous to health and made of plastic! "

Rice cultivation

Koreans claim that part of Chinese rice is made from potato starch and plastic, which after cooking creates the illusion of a fragrant product. Fortunately, Artificial rice Is revealed very easily!

Redaction "so simple!" Shares tips on how to recognize a counterfeit product.

Quality of rice

  1. Water test
    Put a glass of water in a spoonful of rice. Organic rice always settles on the bottom, but the synthetic will remain drifting on the surface.
  2. Crush several grains of rice
    If the rice turns into a white powder, then it is organic. But if after this procedure there are yellow spots, then the product is made of synthetic materials.
    Natural rice
  3. Fire test
    Try to set several grains of rice on fire. If they start to burn, do not use a counterfeit product at all!
  4. Mold test
    Cook a handful of rice and leave it in plasticContainer for several days. But not in the refrigerator, but in a sunny place. If rice is moldy - this is a wonderful sign! This means that the product is absolutely natural.

It is worth making sure of the quality of the products before serving them to the family table. Because the health of your family is priceless!