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Shelf life of sweets

Recently I chewed another chocolate candy, bought at a nearby store by weight, and noticed that it had a strange taste. This prompted me to think: is it overdue?

When I tried to find the date of manufacture on the candy wrapper, I was horrified by the fact that it is not there! There is no expiration date or manufacturing date. How to be an ordinary buyer in this situation?

Shelf life of sweets by weight

Because it turns out that in the store we can sell for weight goods of doubtful quality ... our editorial team tried to understand all the subtleties of choice Sweets for weight distribution. And that's what we found out!

Shelf life of sweets by weight

Expiration date of sweets

If sweets are sold by weight, it is worthTo ask the seller for the goods. You can also ask to look at the candy box: it shows the date of manufacture and the shelf life of the sweets. Sellers are required to keep the packaging even after unpacking the goods!

Shelf life of sweets by weight

Unfortunately, the presence of a box with the specified date andShelf life is not a guarantee that sweets will be fresh. Often crooked sellers mix the stale goods with a new batch. So as not to get trapped, try not to buy loose wafers, but packaged by the manufacturer.

Shelf life of sweets by weight

For the future is worth remembering the following information: Candies covered with chocolate glaze have a shelf life of 1.5 to 4 months. Candy, covered with a sweet, - 1 month. Caramel with fruit filling is stored up to 6 months. Lollipops are stored for up to 6 months, and in practice - up to 5 years, while observing the rules of storage.

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