/ / How is beetroot useful?

Why is the beet useful?

Such a beet habitual in our latitudes is an exceptional vegetable and can not be replaced by anybody else in the diet.

Nutritional value of beets And its useful properties are due, first,The presence in the roots of a unique set of elements that is not found anywhere else, and secondly, the content of a large number of minerals and vitamins that do not break down after cooking.

So the use of boiled beets is beyond doubt!

Nutritional value of beets

Why is it useful?

  1. The boiled beet, first of all, is an excellent laxative and diuretic.
    Beet - the body purifier № 1. Thanks to fiber, organic elements and other substances, beets perfectly regulate metabolic processes in the body, enhances the peristalsis of the intestine, destroys putrefactive bacteria.
  2. It is indispensable for liver diseases and obesity.
    Lipotropic substance betaine, which is contained inBeet, corrects fat metabolism, prevents liver infiltration and is able to raise blood pressure. Beet betaine is simply a magnificent substance that equally performs its function in both freshly squeezed frash and cooked.

    Studies prove that betaine inhibits the development of malignant tumors.

    Useful properties of beets for women

  3. Heals anemia.
    Beet consumption Very useful for healthy blood. It contains trace elements that contribute to the treatment of atherosclerosis and low blood hemoglobin.
  4. Beet is a low-calorie product.
    With this linked the effectiveness and popularity of beet diet for weight loss.
  5. Will help with a hangover syndrome.
    Beet helps to improve the body, has an anesthetic and anti-inflammatory effect, helps the body to deal with depressive conditions and is an excellent remedy for a hangover.
  6. Is useful for the thyroid gland.
    The high content of iodine in beet makes it especially useful in iodine deficiency disorders of the thyroid gland.
  7. Food for pregnant women.
    Beetroot is simply necessary for pregnant women! Folic acid, which is part of it, is very useful in the planning stage of pregnancy and in the early stages. It promotes the healthy formation of the fetal nervous system.
    Than beets for pregnant women are useful

And if the beet is useful, the juice from it is usefuldoubly! Beet juice - energy drink No. 1. It restores strength and increases the endurance of the body. But under one condition - if juice is not contraindicated to you.

Juice from beets and carrots

Redaction "so simple!" Has gathered for you a few tips on how to properly and accurately consume such a healthy drink.

  1. Natural beet juice - pretty Concentrated beverage. Use it is, diluting with other juices. Will go and apple, and carrot, and cranberry.

    The perfect recipe is Beetroot and carrot juice. Mix beet juice with carrot inProportions 1:10 and gradually, day by day, we increase the content of beet juice. important! Beet juice should stand open in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours, then some harmful fractions, after reacting with oxygen, will not cause trouble after drinking.

  2. To begin reception better With small doses. One tablespoon per day will be enough. The dose is gradually increased and adjusted to 50 ml.
  3. For the preparation of juice, choose a medium-sized root crop, hard and whole, dark gray outside and burgundy inside.

Medicinal properties of boiled beet

Beetroot is a universal product, a wonderful ingredient for salads, juices and hot dishes.

Only 100 grams of boiled beet per day will allow you to replenish supplies of nutrients and keep your body in great shape!