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Removing Milums

This disease is enoughWidespread, but for some reason we know so little about it ... small white tubercles can appear on the skin of people of any age. Unfortunately, without due procedures for skin care they will not disappear!

Miliums - the result of excessively active sebaceous glands, they can also appear on the mechanically damaged skin and as a result of sunburn.

This is the same cosmetic problem thatEasy to win at home! It is best to use natural resources in the complex, the result will please you. My skin was perfectly matched with a recipe with a pomegranate.

Milium removal

Deleting milium

  1. Washing with cold water
    Washing with very cold water helps to narrow the pores on the face and is an excellent prevention of milium and other skin problems.
  2. Lemon juice and sugar
    Mix 2 tbsp. L. Sugar, 1 tsp. Olive oil and juice, squeezed out of half a lemon. This scrub cleanses the skin well, promotes the rolling of old cells and will be a reliable prevention against the appearance of miliums again.
  3. Milium at the child

  4. Tea tree essential oil
    Add 10 drops of essential oil of tea tree to the basin with hot water. Wet a towel in this solution, squeeze it and hold it on your face for a couple of minutes, so that the skin breaks.

    After that, wash with cool water with a usual means for washing. A great method for deep cleansing of pores and improving blood circulation!

  5. Pomegranate powder
    Take the pomegranate peel and dry it in the ovenUp to a brownish hue. Then grind the skin into a powder with a coffee mill. Make a mask of pomegranate powder mixed with a little lemon juice - skin imperfections will disappear very quickly!
  6. Milium on the centuries

A very important point: try to avoid being under the sun, if your skin is prone to the appearance of formations like miliums!

Milium how to get rid in the home

I hope, you will try these means and on personal experience will be convinced of their efficiency! Health to you and your loved ones.