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How to set up mirrors

The question of the correct Car mirror settings Is relevant for both beginners and gurus of driving. Because of this in many cases depends on your safety. It's not easy at all, and you need to know the adjustment technique.

About, How to adjust the mirrors Your car correctly and quickly, you will tell the editorial staff "so simple!".

How to set up mirrors

If you look in the side mirror, you see the back Car wing, This is a sure sign that the mirror is configuredwrong. At such arrangement of a mirror the most part of a zone behind the car is visible both in lateral mirrors, and in a rear-view mirror. The area next to the car is seen very badly and the danger of an emergency is created.

How to adjust left side mirror

  1. Lean to the left so as to practically touchSide window. Adjust the mirror so as to see the rear wing of the car. When you habitually settle down in an armchair, in a mirror you practically will not see a lateral wing of the car.

How to adjust the right side mirror

  1. Lean to the right so that your head is in the center of the car. So you have to see the rear wing of your car.

How to adjust the rearview mirror

  1. The center of the rear-view mirror should be on the center line of the rear window.

Important tips

  1. Do not adjust the mirror while driving!
  2. Even in properly adjusted mirrors there isThe so-called blind zones. And sometimes it's better to throw a glance over your shoulder while maneuvering, so as not to bring down, for example, a bicyclist or a motorcyclist. A look over your shoulder gives you the information you need, which you will never get, even looking into properly tuned mirrors.
  3. Always look in the mirror, not just in theThe moment when you want to rebuild. This will allow you to constantly be aware of the situation on the road and correctly perform sudden unexpected maneuvers. For example, when you are driving around a hole.

Perhaps, at first you will be very unaccustomed to ride with mirrors adjusted in this way. But wait a couple of days and you will get used so much that you will not understand how you used to go differently.

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