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What does the midwife do?

Midwives for women's counseling For a shift can run 10 km through the hospital. An accidental person will not stay in this profession for a long time - after the first births seen refuse, watching someone else's pain is very difficult and scary. What kind of nervous system you need to have!

What does the midwife do

  1. A midwife is a person with a medical background, andHer task is not just to hold the woman's hand during childbirth. She sutures gaps in the most intimate places and possesses knowledge not only about the female body, but also about the body of the baby.

    The most difficult, admits a midwife with 30 years of experience, to help her mother survive the death of the baby, to support in all possible ways.

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  2. Many are wondering, Where the placenta disappears. Now the mother can take her, but it's interesting, as it was in Soviet times.

    The placenta was stored in special cold rooms, and then transferred to France for the production of cosmetic products.

    What does the midwife do

  3. Next to me there was none of my relatives duringChildbirth, and a few hours after that. Now many prefer joint childbirth. Midwives at times are surprised by the choice of parturient women: women choose partners for birth, even father-in-law!

    Observe how people become parents,Realize this, no less exciting than to be present at the miracle of procreation. The face of a man changes his expression forever, when he realizes he has become a pope.

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  4. Now no one is surprised Black child, Even if both parents are white. All because of relatives on the maternal line, ancestors, of which very few people know ... even a distant relative-Uzbek can affect the fact that a colored child will be born.
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  5. The death of the mother during childbirth is a rare case, the children die, and most often this is due to some Congenital pathology.

    Such an anomaly as the sixth finger on the arm or leg - not so scary and occurs much more often than we used to think. Usually it is cut off before the baby turns a year old.

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  6. Every child is beautiful in his own way! Working as a midwife, it is impossible not to admire the beauty of babies, each of which is unique. Very funny babies who are born with hair, such dandelions.
    Work as a midwife
  7. In the elevator, on the stairs of the hospital, in the toilet ... where only women do not give birth! The midwife needs to contrive to take birth in an unusual situation. The main thing is that it was convenient for the woman in childbirth.
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  8. Very often the midwife drives away from the pregnant or newly-born a woman of annoying relatives. They do not understand that she needs peace!
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  9. Surprisingly, young women in labor give birth very easily and calmly. For many years of practice the midwife is able to see both 12-year-olds and 13-year-old mothers.
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  10. Prematurity Are very complex, but for babies it usually ends up safely.
    What does the midwife do
  11. Such work is a huge responsibility. How many tears fall to the share of an ordinary midwife! But when you see how happy the parents with the baby, I want to return to the workplace again and again.
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  12. The greatest congestion - in the autumn. All because someone walked well during New Year's holidays!
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  13. Dismissal, court, violence by relatives - all this can be subjected to an ordinary midwife. This is a dangerous profession!

    Not paying attention to the risk, the midwife comes to work, which can be compared with the activities of the heavenly angel. So much depends on it!

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Russian midwives Work in difficult conditions, because we do not have such financial possibilities as in the west, medicine is very sparingly financed. Every person who is now engaged in medicine is a real hero.