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Mask of egg white

Aging causes many undesirable changesIn our body. And most often the first age changes appear in the eye area. The skin of the eyelids is thin, delicate and constantly exposed to external provocateurs, stresses, lack of vitamins and full sleep.

There are many cosmetic products forSkin care eyelids, but the most effective were and will be those that gave us the very nature. Using masks based on eggs, you can whiten the skin around the eyes, make it more fresh, firm, smooth out fine wrinkles. This is a real find!

Redaction "so simple!" Collected a few simple home recipes that will help the skin around the eyes to remain tender and supple!

Mask of egg white

  1. The simplest, but no less effective way to improve the condition of the skin of the eyelids is Use of egg white in its pure form!
    You only need 1 protein and a cotton swab. Apply the protein on the skin around the eyes. Keep your eyelids closed and let the protein dry completely. Wash the mask with cool water and enjoy the result!
  2. The recipe, which is presented below, will be a faithful assistant In the fight against "goose paws".
    In an equal proportion, mix egg white, barley flour and honey. The resulting mixture is applied to the eye area for 20 minutes, then wash off with cool water.
    Such a mask will help smooth out wrinkles and refresh the skin around the eyes.
  3. The following mask will help remove swelling and Quickly get rid of bags under the eyes, As well as smooth small wrinkles.

    You will need: 2 chilled yolks, 1 tsp. Flower honey and 1 tsp. Olive or apricot oil. Mix all the ingredients with a mixer and rather apply to the skin around the eyes. This procedure will take no longer than half an hour, and the result will pleasantly surprise you!

  4. But an effective tool that will help Nourish dry and tired skin age.
    Mix 1 egg yolk, a teaspoon of olive oil and juice of half a lemon. This mask is applied for 20 minutes, after washing with a cotton disc with cool milk. The result is healthy and fresh skin!
  5. A stunning effect is the addition of milk in the egg mask for the eyelids. To strengthen the nutritional action will help to add a small amount of a mixture for baby food.

And remember that any mask should be applied only to clean skin without makeup!

These effective home skin care recipes around the eyes should be in the arsenal of each young lady!