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Makeup Trends - 2017

New year - new Make-up rules. A couple of years on the fashionable Olympus matte textures were kept, but now it's time to shine, in the most direct sense. 2016 left a trend for a new make-up, but there are also nuances.

Redaction "so simple!" Will tell you how to paint, to look like a "girl of 2017".

Makeup trends - 2017

  1. Contouring still takes place, but it is not so hard as before. You should simply return the natural volume to the person, and not completely re-shape it.
  2. Of course, the face needs to be powdered in order to fix the makeup and remove the greasy sheen. But choose the powders that make your face not completely dull, but retain a light Healthy glow.
  3. This year in the fashion warm colors, so instead of the sculptor of the gray subtle, give preference to the bronzer.
  4. The most recent trend is blush on the temples. It should not be an easy "frosty" blush, but a very pigmented blush.
  5. For makeup lips use satin and glossy textures. Also in fashion, a metallic gleam and sparkles.

In this video you can see the version of the fashionable Make-up. If you supplement it with bright lips and add more radiance to the cheekbones, then it easily transforms into a festive or just an evening.

And yet, if you are the owner of a problem skin, it does not matter whether it's a posture or deep wrinkles, choose a tonal base with the effect of a light glow. In contrast to matte, it visually aligns Skin relief.

Create impeccable fashion images every day! And some more fashionable trends of this year, which you will be interested to know.