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How to defeat cancer

Everyone knows the word "chemotherapy", but not everyone realizes its true meaning. Chemotherapy - in fact, the treatment of poisons. Toxins kill not only cancer cells, but also harm the body, which is often no longer compatible with life.

Candice mary fox had Thyroid cancer Stage 4, and she refused chemotherapy. This woman understood that the disease was very serious, but she did not want to die, suffering from the terrible side effects of chemical treatments. She chose a different path, and that's what happened!

Defeat stage 4 cancer

How to defeat cancer

With such a diagnosis, doctors predicted herExtremely fast death: to live another year with cancer of the 4th stage - an unprecedented success. The woman underwent several operations to remove malignant tumors and decided to try to heal her body on her own. In such a situation, there is nothing to lose, and candice dared to take decisive steps!

She quit smoking, took up yoga, Abandoned animal food And daily eaten 3 pineapple. Also, the patient's diet was rich in other vegetables and fruits. Candice learned the art of meditation and it helped her survive an extremely painful condition ...

To everyone's surprise, 6 months afterThe beginning of treatment by own forces, the woman has gone on the amendment! Of course, cancer cells did not disappear completely, but their number in the body decreased. Most importantly - a woman with a terrible diagnosis is still alive, and the quality of her life is even better than some absolutely healthy people ...

Cancer can be defeated!! But I learned from this story a more extensive lesson. The fact that we eat every day, how we live, how physically active we are - all this can affect our body very much, and do not forget about it.