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Winter tire mistakes

In the snowy winter, when on the roads either porridge or ice, Quality tires Can not save. Even the most experienced driver will face difficulties if the vehicle does not meet certain criteria.

A brilliant decision came to mind one car owner from California. The editorial board will tell you about it today. "so simple!".

Winter tire misalignment

The whole point is that instead of the usual chain, you need to use a special kind of screed to enhance traction on the snow-covered track.

It is called zipgripgo, and the production of amazing chains began in 2015. First, they are very cheap, and secondly, they provide a powerful grip on the road.

The screeds are made of durable lightweight material and are very easy to attach. For example, you drive around the city and, turning off the central road, Stalled. No panic and long waiting for acquaintances who will get out of trouble! Get out this trunk from the trunk, fasten for 3 minutes and calmly go further.

It is worth noting, the police do not approveThe use of these chains, because they were not subjected to serious testing tests. Therefore, it is unknown how they will behave on different types of roads. But also to say something negative about the ties of the guardians of order also can not. Be that as it may, everyone agrees that this is an excellent temporary Replacement of standard circuits.

I think it's worth trying to apply this wonderful invention to every motorist, regardless of Driving experience.

Easy ride for you in the winter weather! Share information with friends.