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Fashionable wardrobe

Modern fashion trends Change rapidly. This season designers actively experiment with textures. Luxurious fur, velvet, lurex - the current trends of the season.

The new year is an excellent occasion to restore order not only in the head, but also in the wardrobe. We'll help you figure out which things to postpone until better times, and which ones should be purchased already in 2017.

Fashionable wardrobe

  1. Victorian style
    High collars, jabots, cuffs, heavy velvet - it seems that the designers missed the times when the ladies were gentle and touching, like flowers.
    Fashion trends 2017
  2. Male style and suit with needles
    Universal classical suits no oneCanceled. You can safely choose a strict classical suit, a suit with wide trousers of loose cut or a suit with bright embroidery. This year they are more popular than ever!
    Fashion trends 2017
  3. Military style
    Apparently, designers do not give rest to embroideredHussar uniforms and strict sea jackets. The most correct option is to add a "hussar" jacket to your wardrobe. Such a thing will be perfectly combined with a trouser suit, a dress-combination and a short skirt.
    Fashion trends 2017

    Style military 2017
  4. Replace jeans jacket with velvet
    Denim was not out of fashion and will not work, soIt's worth to say goodbye to your favorite jacket forever. But velvet is very much worth it! Designers recommend choosing deep shades of wine, emerald, gray.

    This year velvet can be considered an everyday material, which is excellent for both classical combinations and for bold experiments with lace and embroidery.

    Fashion trends 2017

  5. Bandage dresses have lost their relevance
    Satin night dress - Fashion trend of 2017. Satin and lace will add to your image of tenderness, femininity and sexuality.
    Satin dress with lace
  6. Bag in the shade of shoes - long obsolete rule
    Combine, it would seem, incongruous and boldly experiment with colors and textures!
    Bag in shoe tone
  7. Replace the choker with massive and multilayer decorations
    Massive jewelry, a combination of different jewelry, multi-layer necklaces - all this will go into fashion in 2017. But we do not recommend putting everything on yourself immediately, because the sense of proportion has not been canceled!
    Massive ornaments around the neck
  8. Overlook
    Massive sweaters, bombers and jackets are still in the trend. But what a feminine coat or trench coat looks feminine!
    Oversize bow
  9. In fashion natural and light curls
    Natural curls in the home10;
  10. Natural complexion wins contouring
    If you have not yet mastered the difficult skillKonturinga - you can not even try. Because in fashion, a natural and easy make-up. So instead of bronzers, haylayterov and blush better to get a good day cream and powder of a natural shade.
    Natural makeup in fashion

Do not be afraid to experiment, combine fabrics and textures, strive for naturalness and be in trend!