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How to Make a High Tail

What kind of hair do most women do when they hurry? of course, ponytail. This hairstyle also saves when you do not have time to wash your head or just do household chores and you need to prevent hair from interfering.

High tail is appropriate even for the festive imageAnd there are many of its variations. But most women do wrong this hairstyle, and often she looks very sad and does not decorate her possessor. How to make a high Volumetric tail, With which even the owners of rare hair will look good, you will be told by the editorial staff "so simple!".

How to make a high tail

  1. If you just washed your hair, then put a little styling on them so they do not crumble. Carefully comb your hair and stripped the shock of hair into 2 parts.
  2. From the bottom of the hair make a neat tail. Further divided it into two parts and near the elastic band, fix one part with a small crab.
  3. Now get down to work with the top of your hair. Make the top of the head light.
  4. Lightly brush your hair so that they do not stick out. Collect them in the tail in the place where you made the previous small tail. To get it neatly, use an elastic band with hooks or hook on an ordinary rubber band 2 invisible.
  5. And now, separate a small strand of hair and wrap it with an elastic band. Fix it with the invisible. Ready!

On the whole process of creating a hairstyle for youIt will take only 5 minutes. But your tail will look chic. Even if you do not own a lush mane, the tail will look very thick. And now admire how cleverly this girl does Beautiful tail.

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