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How to clean the wallpaper

Someone from his family accidentally stained the wall in the hallway, the young artist decorated the wallpaper with his works, and the mystery of the greasy stain on the wall in the bedroom remained unsolved? Not the time to despair, "so simple!" Will tell, How to properly wash the wallpaper From any contamination.

How to clean the wallpaper

How to clean the wallpaper

At first it is important to determine the type of coating: Cleaning of paper or non-woven wallpaper is fundamentally different from washing vinyl coverings. On the roll, there is usually a marking with the specified permissible degree of contact of the material with water.

Marking of wallpaper

Determine whether it is allowed to wash wallpaper,Can and in this way: choose a small area on the wall, hidden from the eyes (for example, behind the chair), rub it with a sponge soaked in soapy water. If the picture on the wallpaper remains in its original form, the coating can be washed.

  1. detergents
    This is the fastest way to clean the wallpaper from dirt withOnly one drawback - it is contraindicated for paper. But non-woven or vinyl my health! Before washing, wipe the surface with a dry napkin, and then treat it with a foam sponge.

    After washing, soak the surface with a moisture absorbing cloth to remove excess water.

    Marking of wallpaper

  2. Eraser or melamine sponge
    Light pollution from any kind of wallpaper will help eliminate the usual clerical eraser. It is also suitable for the removal of fingerprints.

    But the melamine sponge (a modern tool No. 1In the fight against stains) removes even traces of markers and ink, but it should be remembered that this is a strong enough abrasive that can damage the pattern of non-woven wallpaper. First try a small area.

    melamine sponge

  3. Bread crumb
    This way our grandmothers used,When it was necessary to remove dirt from delicate paper wallpaper. A piece of crumb is pressed to the spot for several minutes: the gluten absorbs dirt. Repeat the procedure several times.
    Bread crumb
  4. Gasoline, alcohol
    This method is suitable for all kinds of wallpapers. Mix petrol with tooth powder. The resulting gruel will cope with the old oily stains: apply the mixture on the stain, wait until it dries completely. The remnants of a bristle brush.

    Traces of ballpoint pens, markers, and coffee and tea will disappear if rubbed with a cloth soaked in medical alcohol.

    How to remove greasy stains

  5. Soda, starch, baby powder
    To remove the greasy stain from the non-woven wallpaper,A mixture of water and starch (or soda) is suitable. Apply the prepared paste on the stain and allow to dry. Remnants of a quick brush with a soft brush, then rinse the wallpaper with warm water.

    But the spot on paper wallpaper is better to treat with dry powder (talcum) and leave for a while. The remnants of the powder are removed with a napkin.

    How to remove greasy stains

  6. iron
    Paper napkin attached to the stain and blotchWarm (not hot) iron. From time to time, change the napkins and allow the wallpaper to cool. Work neatly, as the stains from the iron from the coating will certainly not be removed!
    How to remove greasy stains

No matter how carefully the tenants of the house did not relate to the covering of the walls, troubles happen. The main thing is not to get upset, but to take the necessary measures in time. Then the wallpaper can be postponed!

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