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Cash machine chews up money

Cash machine chewed money... when you say these words, your hair stands on end. In a similar situation, many are amenable to panic and do not know how to act properly. Our editorial board consulted with the bank's employee who gave clear instructions and advice for those who became hostage to the insidious machine.

Cash machine chewed money

If the ATM chewed money

  1. The main thing - do not panic!
    Problems with ATM operation may ariseDue to a small failure in the system. Often you need to wait a few hours for the money to be credited to the account (yes, in some ATMs there is a function of replenishing the account). This advice will be relevant in the event that the ATM incorrectly counted the money when depositing.
    If the ATM chewed money
  2. Fix all the details
    In a faulty condition, the ATM can not onlyChew money, but also leave you without a receipt. To prove to the bank's employees the fact of "stealing" money, it is necessary to record such data: the exact time of the operation, the address of the ATM's location, as well as its number, the amount of money deposited and "stolen" by the ATM, the presence of a surveillance camera at the ATM.
    If the ATM chewed money
  3. Ask for help in the bank
    If an ATM that chews money is locatedDirectly in the bank branch, contact his staff for help. If the card was issued by one bank, and you carried out a cash transaction at another's ATM, you should apply for help to the bank-owner of the ATM.

    When such a situation arises abroadYou should try to contact the bank that gave you the card. If the phone failed to solve the problem, you need to leave a written claim to the bank, indicating the following information: fio, passport data, ATM number and location, demand for a refund.

    In the branch of the bank must accept and register the application. Unfortunately, the term of investigation of such situations can last up to 45 days.

    If the ATM chewed money

  4. Go to court
    If the bank does not accept yourStatement, deliberately delay the investigation process or deny the fact of loss of money, it is necessary to apply to the court. Day of this should be a statement of claim with a description of the problem. To the application you must also attach a copy of the claim to the bank.
    If the ATM chewed money

To protect yourself from work malfunctionsCash machine, it is necessary to handle it correctly: do not make crumpled or torn bills, do not leave money in the ATM after issuing (immediately withdraw cash), do not make more than 40 bills at a time.

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