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Movies about passionate love

Love and passion are present in the life of every person. This topic is the basis for many films. Among them there are those that arouse for a long time already Forgotten feelings.

Redaction "so simple!" Prepared for you A selection of the best films, Which definitely will not make you miss the cold winter evenings. pleasant viewing!

Movies about passionate love

  1. temptation
    Starring Angelina Jolie and AntonioBandera, which already promises an exciting and sensual film. A rich Cuban merchant, Luis Antonio Vargas, is going to marry an American, but he has no idea what kind of game the woman has started.

    When the hobby turns into passion, whenA woman becomes an obsession, when the mind breaks into the abyss, love turns into a fatal duel. The insidious plan of the cunning scamming julia begins to pop at the seams, because she realizes that she is really passionately in love with the person she wanted to deceive.

  2. Lovers
    A well-known diplomat sees at the ball a charming aristocrat, and he is almost obsessed with this woman. Exquisitely beautiful picture, landscapes, costumes, types of cities - everything is perfect.
  3. the basic Instinct
    In this film a lot of things are combined: Psychology, passion, deception, love ... Detective Nick Karren is conducting an investigation into the case of murder on sexual grounds. Suspicion falls on the girlfriend of the murdered Katherine - a writer who has published a couple of shocking novels. In her last book, she described in detail an absolutely similar crime.

    But charming and incredibly sexy main character, has an amazing ability to manipulate men, awakening in them one of the most basic instincts.

  4. bitter Moon
    An ordinary holiday on a cruise liner strangely changes the life of two married couples who did not have enough thrills. And it does not change for the better.

    The main characters were not interested in romance and sublime love - they wanted to explore their passion. And they studied each other and themselves before complete self-destruction.

  5. Love knocking down
    Barry is already deep in his thirties, but suffering fromSudden outbursts of fury, the hero never learned to communicate normally with people. With women - in particular. But fortune has not yet put a cross on the bar. Once he meets a strange girl, who is destined to turn his whole life ...
  6. love
    The first frames of the film will immediately allow youAppreciate the courage of the director's idea: to show love the way it is, with that same inalienable erotic component. Is it not attractive? For here it is, the same dualism: spirit and body. Their connection. Without any secrets, full confidence in the viewer. And you will appreciate this gesture of the director.
  7. Fall in love with me, if you dare
    They came up with a game, one that only they could come up with. The game "dare - you will not dare". They took each other "weakly". The game grew with them, and one day they became adults.

    Everything changed, but they could no longer distinguish the game from life, because the game was their life. No one wanted to give in. They joked and laughed, they hurt each other, they suffered and lost years ...

  8. dreamers
    Paris, 1968: Demonstrations of students, barricades on the streets, in the air smells like a revolution. But three young people have their own reality - the world of cinema. Days and nights they watch movies and do not leave the house ...

    Cinema has become their life. First it's just a hobby, then - a complex web of psychological and sexual relations. Meanwhile, riots in the streets of Paris reach their climax ...

  9. piano
    Mute hell with a little daughter and loved oneThe pianist leaves his native Scotland and moves to the other end of the world, to a new Zealand where her future husband Stewart is waiting. He refuses to deliver a piano into the house, which remains abandoned on the beach. Hell, not speaking at the age of six, still shows her husband the depth of his anger. For this strong woman, silence is far from a sign of agreement.
  10. Lolita
    Another wonderful screen version of the scandalousA novel by Vladimir Pobekov about the unrequited love of a mature man to a young nymphet. A teacher of French literature gumbert - a European of Anglo-Swiss origin - comes to a small town in new England.

    He is well educated, educated, witty and successful with women. But his soul is sick with memories of the first love. Having met a 12-year-old lolita, Humbert hopes to regain his lost paradise ...

these Great movies Based on one topic, but show it from different angles and in different genres. You will certainly find here a film that will be your favorite for many years, if not yet.

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