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Cable Ties

We are all happy to find simple and effective solutions to complex household tasks. And when it does not require large financial costs and Really works, Then there is no limit to joy!

Whether drying cushions or walking your favorite pet, there is one simple thing that can help out in an unforeseen situation.

Cable ties

Redaction "so simple!" I found amazing solutions for the use of conventional cable ties!

Cable ties

  1. Such a simple subject will be very useful when working with documents.
    Paper clip
  2. If the button in the cigarette lighter is pressed automatically somewhere in the bag, you can fix it with a screed.
    Repair of lighters
  3. So you can reanimate the slider with a zip.
    How to fix a slider with a zip
  4. And if you connect two hangers from the wire, you get a wonderful device for drying pillows!
    How to dry pillows
  5. A great solution for hot pot pens, if the potholders are not at hand.
    Cable ties
  6. With the help of a screed, you can quickly fasten the keys in one bundle.
    How not to lose the keys to the apartment
  7. You can quickly fix the broken fan. Because in this heat you will not go for a new one, and you will save money!
    Fan repair
  8. Cable tie can replace plastic rings for curtains in the bathroom. The last is always gone, is not it?
    Rings for curtains in the bathroom
  9. And if your favorite spoon is constantly drowning in a bowl of soup, we have a solution! You can make a simple stopper from the screed, which will not let it drown. Such a trick will be useful for children.
    Holder for a spoon
  10. Another lifhak for children! This time it's home soap bubbles.
    Soap bubble switch
  11. The screed is attached very tightly and reliably, so even your pet will come in handy for a walk.
    Leash with your own hands for a dog
  12. But such interesting and reliable shoelaces are obtained by using a simple cable tie!
    Shoelaces by hand

Well, if you do not believe, See for yourself!!

Use this simple Home for home And not only, get along with friends and solve life's tasks simply and fun!