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How to save water

To prevent the spread of malwareBacteria, and also save on the amount of water for draining, household people advise washing the water in the toilet as little as possible. For this they give some effective advice: do not throw food waste into the toilet, personal hygiene items, or wash off urine.

How to save water

How to save water in the toilet

Not very clean people offer their ownSolution of the problem: do not flush the water by pissing in the toilet. They argue that urine is a sterile substance that does not harm a person if several hours are left in the drain pipe. It really is: a healthy person has sterile urine! But what about the nasty smell in the toilet?

Our editorial team offers an alternative solutionProblems! Men who are friendly with plumbing can make a special drainage of waste water from the sink directly into the toilet tank drain. This method is ideal for owners of combined bathrooms.

Also in order to save water, it is recommended thatUse a small drain button on the toilet bowl (if there are two buttons). If your drain tank is equipped with only one button, try to press it weaker.

How to save water in the toilet

To maintain the ideal cleanliness in the toilet, use our helpful recommendations.

Toilet hygiene

  1. Prevent the spread of germs!
    Few people thought about what happens afterUsual discharge of water in the toilet. But the following is happening: the bacteria with which our faeces are teeming (E. coli, staphylococcus and many others) fly around at a distance of up to 3 meters!

    If you own a combined bathroom, then it will be useful for you to learn that these bacteria become the inhabitants of such personal hygiene items as a toothbrush, razor and a towel.

    To protect yourself from contact with harmful bacteria, always close the lid of the toilet when you wash the water! Also, you should get the cases for the toothbrush and shaving machines.

    Hygiene in the toilet

  2. Get rid of rust!
    Use vinegar and iodine. Preheat 200 grams of table vinegar to a temperature of 40-50 degrees, then add 1 teaspoon of iodine solution. Apply the resulting mixture to the contamination, and the remnants of pouring into the toilet. Leave the agent to act for 1 night.
    Hygiene in the toilet

We wish that in your house cleanliness, order and coziness reigned! Find out also in our article how to clean the toilet without a plunger.