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Epiphany Divination

Baptismal divination On the night of 18 to 19 January are among the mostAccurate and truthful. At the time of a fortune, it is by no means impossible to cross your legs, to guess in solitude or together with men. Also, you need to remove all surrounding objects: rings, bracelets, belts, as well as a cross (divination - pagan rite).

Baptismal divination

The best time for guessing is the evening or midnight. Do not necessarily take seriously seriously, you can just have fun with your friends.

Baptismal fortune-telling

  1. Fortune telling by scrapbook
    For this you need to prepare two opaque vasesAnd several notes. In one container it is necessary to put notes with questions, and in another - with answers ("yes", "no", "probably"). From both vases it is necessary to simultaneously pull out one note, getting an answer to each question.
    Baptismal fortune-telling
  2. Fortune telling
    This method of divination is suitable forRepresentatives of the fair sex who are not sure of the seriousness of the intentions of their chosen one. At midnight, pour a small amount of water into a bowl, then add a pinch of salt, sugar and ash to the bowl.

    Carefully mix the water. When the suspension settles to the bottom, throw two hair into the bowl: one - his own, and the other - his chosen one. Leave a bowl of water until morning. If in the morning hair intertwined with each other, then the wedding is just around the corner. If the hair remains at a distance from each other, it means that the hour of separation is close.

    Baptismal fortune-telling

  3. Fortune telling
    For this divination it is necessary to prepareThe following attributes: a saucer, a mug, a wax candle and some milk. Melt a small amount of wax in a mug. Pour the milk in a saucer and put it at the doorstep of your home. Then say these words: "house, my master, come to the threshold to drink milk, eat wax." With the last words pour the melted wax into the milk.

    Look at the drawing that came out of the wax. If it resembles a flower, then, very soon the meeting with your chosen one is coming. If the picture reminds an animal, it means that next to you there is a foe.

    Wax is flowing in strips - prepare to move orTravel. Wax reminds the stars - expect luck in your career or study. Wax reminds a human figure - you will have a new friend in your life. House drawing - prepare for the wedding. A frozen cross promises a disease.

    Baptismal fortune-telling

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