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Men's fingers

For most people the face is a showcase Characteristics, And the eyes - a mirror of the soul. Mimicry can be used to judge temperament. But if you really want to know the whole truth about a man, look carefully at his feet.

The art of reading by the feet has its origin inAncient chinae and is still practiced. On the feet there are many reflex zones associated with internal organs. They can tell not only about human health, but also about the nature and ability to build Relationship with the opposite sex.

Special attention deserves toes. Redaction "so simple!" Decided to tell you what we learned from the ancient teachings.

Man's fingers

  1. thumb
    If the thumb is much longer than the other toes, then before you clever man, Which also has creativeAbilities. He has his own opinion about everything, he unconventionally solves problems and very rarely climbs the words into his pocket. Its weak side is a problem with concentration on something. And yes, he does not make plans for the distant future.

    If the thumb is small, then this type is notTries to solve problems in proud solitude and masterly knows how to distribute duties. He is charming and often uses this quality to make others feel his ideas.

  2. Second finger
    The longer this finger, the more men haveLeadership qualities. He is dynamic, resourceful and very fond of risk. He sets goals and achieves them by any means. Very domineering and in the family takes the position of leader.

    If the second finger is smaller than the big one, then at allDoes not mean that the person is spineless. He simply knows how to wait, appreciates harmony and prefers to sit in the shade until circumstances themselves destroy his enemy, instead of actively taking revenge.

  3. Third finger
    With this finger associate energy and willpower. If it is longer than the others, then in front of you is an incredibly dynamic, resourceful and enterprising type, an indispensable employee. The longer the third finger, the greater the desire of a man make a career. Among the owners of long middle fingers are a lot of perfectionists, workaholics who are inclined to live at work, forgetting about love and family.

    If the third finger is very short, then before youA lover of pleasure, a gourmet and a parasite, who really does not like to strain. If you accuse him of laziness, then in response you will hear the saying that life is too short to spend it on different worries.

  4. Fourth finger
    If a man has a long fourth finger, then forHis relatives will always come first. Before you an excellent listener and a man who miraculously finds a common language with children. He has a kind, vulnerable soul.

    If this finger is twisted, it is oftenThe owner is accustomed to dragging the burden of responsibility alone. The short fourth finger means that the man has other priorities than the family and the relationships within it.

  5. little finger
    The shorter the little finger, the less desire to take onResponsibility is demonstrated by its owner. This man has a wide circle of acquaintances, he is always cheerful, but at heart he is a child and prefers to think only of himself. Most likely, he will always remain my mother's son.

    Be careful, if your man can moveLittle finger on the leg apart from the other fingers, because he is completely unfamiliar with such concepts as obligations, the interests of others and the joint budget. Life with him is very unpredictable.

  6. Harmony of fingers
    If the toes look harmonious and eachThe finger is slightly shorter than the previous one, then in front of you is an accurate, practical man who is not inclined to abandon the business started halfway. He is a good friend and faithful companion. But sometimes it is picky over and above measure.

Here so it is possible to give Characterization of a man, Looking at his toes. Do not take this method to heart, because every teaching has a subjective value. All people are different, and their personality is affected by so many factors.

We want a strong and reliable man next to you, and if you already have one, then we wish you happiness in your life together! Share a fun technique with friends.