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Spring manicure

Not so long ago, such concepts as nyl-trends or Trends in nail design, Practically did not exist. Now it's a whole industry, and experienced masters are able to create real art works on nails. So that today the stylish spring manicure is not limited to red lacquer or a jacket. About all the main trends of the pores of love and flowering you will tell the editors "so simple!".

Before proceeding to the trends of manicure, we note that now in pride not only short nails of natural form, as it was the last two years. Pay special attention to the Almond-shaped nails Medium length: they look very elegant and do not interfere in everyday life.

Spring manicure

  1. What can characterize the spring better than the first flowers? These drawings look very gentle and fresh.
  2. If the calm colors do not match yoursMood, boldly choose shades of burgundy or purple, and flowers can be made from rhinestones or stickers. Do not overdo it with shiny elements, so as not to look cheap.
  3. Designers of the whole world have proclaimed pink the main color of the coming spring. So use all its shades and combine with each other.
  4. Geometric patterns are still fashionable.
  5. Imitation of drops of morning dew says that very soon there will be warm days.
  6. If you like very bright colors, then make sure that the transitions are smooth, and the colors are blended.
  7. The heavenly color miraculously complements the bright outfits. This is an excellent substitute for the familiar nude shades.
  8. But without nuanced shades, too, can not do. This is the most versatile manicure, which exactly fits any image. That the nails do not look very boring, you can paint a few sparkling varnish or add drawings.
  9. Wells always look good.
  10. The effect of broken glass has already won the hearts of many women of fashion.
  11. Matte coating is also in the trend. Only it needs to be diluted with other textures. The main requirement for a matt manicure is a perfectly smooth and smooth nail plate.
  12. Such a nail design looks very much like the spring and it shows that everything around comes to life.
  13. Experiment with a jacket. It can be elegant, bold or bright.
  14. Figures in the form of insects or their wings, too, will be in the trend.
  15. Gold manicure looks very noble and, no doubt, very fashionable.
  16. Spring is the time of love. Lovely hearts will convey the mood of this time.
  17. Lovers of black nails, too, did not remain overboard.
  18. Shining stripes will complement any color and decorate both long and short nails.
  19. Another version of a gentle manicure, from which he breezes in the spring.
  20. Do not be afraid to experiment! Another proof that the jacket can be diverse.

I must say that the manicure of 2017 is striking in its diversity. It's eccentric images, and a light glow, and a rich shine. Stylists in this season greatly expanded the familiar boundaries Nail design. To look fashionable, combine shades of varnish and pattern options - and create your own, unique style.

Tell us in the comments what kind of manicure you prefer more - calm classic or bright and unusual. Share a selection of samples of spring manicure with friends!