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Face wash

To make the skin look perfect, you need to followThese simple rules of washing! You have a chance to check if you are doing this daily routine correctly. Carefully cleansed skin will stay young longer and always look perfect!

Washing with cold water

Face wash

  1. Apply Means for washing Only on dry skin! If you do it differently, the remedy does not have time to act and dangerous microbes remain on the skin.
  2. Wash only with cool water, never hot. This causes premature wrinkles, skin aging and inflammation.
  3. Never three face towel, better - napkins. Much more hygienic, in addition, the skin once again is not hurt!
  4. process Face washing Should take at least 4 minutes! 2 minutes - washing with a remedy, 2 minutes - with ordinary cool water.

I hope you do everything right! With this washing, the skin of the face always looks perfect, because due to the increased blood circulation in small vessels, cell renewal is stimulated. Check these tips in practice, and you will be impressed with the effect!