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Restoration of the cabinet

This situation can happen to everyone: you have glued wallpaper at home, changed the floor, but then a misfortune happened. Your closet does not fit perfectly at all New interior. The situation is unpleasant, but very vital.

Do not be in a hurry to get upset and spend money on buying new furniture, because the editorial staff "so simple!" there is a solution, How to update an old wardrobe. Use the wallpaper to refresh its look. We present to your attention 15 ideas of such alteration.

Cabinet restoration

  1. The color and pattern on this piece of furniture harmoniously blends with the color of the walls.
  2. And do not recognize the old Soviet wall with this delicate color ...
  3. A couple of pieces of wallpaper and such a handsome man turned out.
  4. Looks very stylish. I am delighted!
  5. Very exquisite, and you will never say that this is old furniture ...
  6. To dilute a solid color, you can seal the middle of the cabinet with wallpaper with a print.
  7. Just look at this combination of colors!
  8. Create a bright accent in your interior!
  9. Black and white - a classic option.
  10. Add the mood of the bathroom.
  11. Very multifunctional. Need to take note.
  12. The joy of every girl!
  13. Another idea for an adult barbie room.
  14. Juicy orange in the middle of the room!
  15. Will always bring memories of the rest.

Here so without special expenses with the help of conventional wallpaper you can turn an old shabby closet into a superstyle. Such a tricky trick is very often used Interior designers. Has a very wide application is the technique of decoupage.

Refresh the look of your old closet and do not forget to share ideas with your friends!