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Means for cleaning

Cleaning is not a pleasant experience. Especially when you have to spend a lot of time and energy on cleaning rust or washing pots, and you just want to soak under the rug and watch your favorite movie. But who, except us, will cope with this?

Redaction "so simple!" Has collected some very useful tricks that will make cleaning easier and will be useful to every mistress!

Cleaning products

  1. Shiny cranes
    Dampen the paper towel with vinegar and wrap the tap for 30-40 minutes. Then apply a little baby oil on the napkin and polish the surface. This procedure will ensure that the mixers are clean and radiant!
    cleaning the house

    House cleaning without chemicals
  2. Easy disposal of rust
    Take a slice of lemon, dip in salt and walk on rusty stains. They will all be cleaned!
    Means for cleaning by one's own hands
  3. Get rid of the dust on the ventilation grilles
    If you rub the grille of the ventilation hole with wax, then this will significantly reduce the accumulation of dust.
    Means for cleaning the house
  4. Snow-white bath
    Fill the tub with hot water and dissolve a double portion of oxygen bleach. Leave the solution overnight. In the morning you will be delighted with the result!
    Quick cleaning of the bathroom
  5. Clean granite countertops
    Mix 2 cups of water, a few drops of liquid soap and 50 ml of alcohol. Wipe the solution with granite countertops and enjoy the cleanliness.
    Quick cleaning in the kitchen
  6. Clean tiles
    Ordinary baking soda - the most effective tool for cleaning tiles and seams.
    Means for cleaning the kitchen
  7. Microwave oven as new!
    A bowl of water and a slice of lemon, left in the microwave for 5 minutes, works wonders!
    Quick cleaning tips
  8. Gas stove cleaning
    A mixture of water, soda and a few drops of hydrogen peroxide - an excellent remedy for stubborn stains on the stove. Leave this paste for 5-10 minutes, then wipe with a towel. The result is obvious!
    Simple cleaning
  9. Wooden and plastic cutting boards
    To give freshness to the wooden board, it is enough to rub the surface with a slice of lemon. And if you sprinkle a board before the procedure, you will get rid of stiff spots.
    Cleaning products without chemicals

    To improve the appearance of old plastic boards, it is sufficient to soak them in bleach for an hour.

    Fast and effective cleaning

  10. Clean blinds
    If you wrap the forceps with a damp cloth, then in such a simple way you can clean the blinds from dust.
    Means for cleaning houses without chemicals
  11. No stains of coffee on the mugs!
    Slightly salted citrus peel perfectly removes stale spots from coffee and tea from your favorite mugs.
    Quick way to clean the apartment
  12. Clean pots and pans
    If you fry the frying pan with vinegar, and then clean it with soda, it will shine like new.
    Quick house cleaning

    There is another simple way to clean pots andFrying pans. Sprinkle such a dish with salt, then carefully wipe with dry potatoes. After that, rinse with water, dry, pour a little oil and hold in a small fire for 30 minutes. Brilliant result!

    Quick cleaning in the kitchen

Take advantage of these ingenious tips, and you'll understand that cleaning can be easy!