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Magnetic knife holder

Got an eternal mess in the kitchen? Then this article is specially for you! Today we will share an amazing master class that will help to organize kitchen knives. This device can be made even by a woman, if she lends a little for her husband.

Magnetic knife holder

Magnetic knife holder

You will need

  • wooden plank
  • Brackets for shelves
  • Liquid nails or glue gun
  • drill
  • Magnets


  1. Make a markup, then with a drill, drill as many holes as possible in the board. Thus the apertures should not be through.
    Magnetic knife holder
  2. Place each hole on the magnet, fixing it with liquid nails or an adhesive gun.
    Magnetic knife holder
  3. At the top edge of the board, attach the brackets.
    Magnetic knife holder

Magnetic holder Will become an indispensable attribute of your kitchen. By the way, it can be used as an organizer for papers or even tools! For a master class on creating a magnetic holder, see this video.

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