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Fashion Jewelry - 2017

Probably, there are no women who do not likeAnd do not wear jewelry. From the earliest years, any fair sex does not mind decorating herself with elegant earrings, shiny bracelets, exquisite brooches or delicate chains. Thoughtful and Stylish ornaments Can revive even the most conservative image, giving it a spark and originality.

In recent years costume jewelry has become more popular, and designers continue to please fashionistas with chic items. in this article "so simple!" Tell you what jewelry is fashionable to wear in 2017.

Fashion jewelery - 2017

  1. neck
    Neck and collarbone are a very sexy partBody. So they need to attract attention and emphasize with the help of various necklaces. If last year a fashionable explosion was brutal chokers from leather or velvet, then this year there is femininity. If you still chose a choker, then it should be multi-layered or Bohemian style.

    Well, the necklaces should be massive and also multilayered. They can be attached not only to the neck, but also wrap around the chest and back. Especially beautiful it looks in the summer. Long chains With a large enough pendant, too, should not be overlooked.

  2. Ears
    With earrings you can not just decorate yourAttire, but also visually change the appearance. For example, to draw a round face, wear long earrings or clips, and to make the color of the eyes more saturated, choose jewelry with stones of the same color. This year it's quite unfashionable to wear small earrings. Choose massive earrings in the spirit of the 80's and ring earrings from the 90's. The latter are particularly fashionable in 2017.

    Another hit of the season - Long earring In one ear. If this option scares you, then wear a cuff. With their help you can create a romantic image, and bold.

  3. hair
    Stones with stones And exquisite crowns in the style of the fashion house dolce &Gabbana will make elegant and feminine any lady. You can feel like a queen, while you will look very stylish. Especially good such decorations dilute black outfits: dresses, overalls, suits. Also suitable for clothing with embroidery.
  4. arms
    Bracelets always emphasize women's brush. This year you can wear both bulky and delicate elegant products. It is fashionable to wear several on one hand at once.

    If you like to wear a watch, then choose a quality one, by no means a fake from China. Because this thing is a status one. In recent years, all the more rapidly on the fashionable Olympus are the so-called smart watch. If before the electronic clock was referred to the sporting style, now they can be seen on the wrists of the first persons of many countries.

    Of course, do not forget about your fingers. In fashion rings with stones in the form of various compositions and long rings. Also, in the trend there are thin rings for the first phalanx of the finger.

  5. legs
    Yes, the leggings are back in fashion again. Besides, it's not just thin bracelets, but something like the upper part of sandals with massive stones. Perhaps, for a holiday in warmer places, this is the ideal solution.
  6. clothes
    Beautiful brooch Will add a zest even to the most ordinary turtleneck. With this decoration you will always look feminine and elegant. In the fashion of sword-shaped products, as well as in the form of mudflats. It will be interesting to look a large brooch, imitating a pendant.

Art to look good you need to learn, andAlways, everywhere and in any situation. The ability to correctly wear jewelry and create a unique image with elegant earrings, brooches, necklaces, bracelets and rings is a separate science, and important here is not the influence of world trends and the desire to stand out from the crowd, but the natural taste. But remember: never wear jewelry and plastic jewelry at the same time.

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