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Xantelasticity century

Yellowish growths on the eyelids! I used to think that this is just a cosmetic problem, ugliness, which the doctor must dilute. It turned out, everything is much, much more serious ...

If such Plaques on the skin of the eyelids You or your close people, you should act immediately! To see a doctor will not only have to remove the defect.

Xanthelasticism of the eyelids photo

Xanthelastic age

So, xantelasm ... at first sight it's harmless hillocks, they are pale and not too noticeable. But even if this is so, tracing their appearance, it is worth urgently to run to the doctor.

Xanthelasticity of the eyelids may indicate atherosclerosis and serious heart problems, such as ischemic heart disease. Diabetes, hypertension, obesity, liver disease - frequent companions of xanthelasm.

main Cause Such unpleasant growths in the eyes is a violation of lipid metabolism in the body, caused by improper diet, an abundance of animal fats in the diet, elevated blood sugar levels.

Xantelasm prevention

No matter what the temptation, Xanthelasm removal In no case can not be produced independently. No folk remedies! So delicate procedure should be entrusted to the doctor.

In itself a fatty plaque, disgustingly looking,Is not a danger, but indicates a serious malfunction in the body, a neglected state of health. Paying attention to it, you can prevent a stroke and other deadly diseases!

Xantelasm prevention

Remove xantelasm Several methods, includingSurgically, and also with the help of electrocoagulation or laser. The procedure itself is not so terrible, do not be nervous and afraid! The most important thing in a situation when these nasty things have appeared, to hand over the general analysis of a blood and to check up, what exactly with an organism not by way of.

It is best to regulate the amount of fat consumed, so as not to collide later with unpleasant diseases. Balanced nutrition is the highest good for the body!

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You can not be lazy and put off going to the doctor! Especially if he noticed the appearance of such a defect on the skin of the eyelids ... convey important information to his friends, I'm sure that very few people know about this serious threat to their health.