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Natural foundation

Every woman dreams about Perfect skin Without the slightest flaws. Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of such a person. But the correct make-up is able to hide any shortcomings, ranging from small pimples and ending with scars.

No makeover is impossible to imagine without using Tonal basis. You can buy it in any cosmeticStore or do yourself. In the latter case there is a chance to prepare the perfect foundation, which will perfectly match with the tone of your skin. Also, you will be sure of the quality of all the components of the tonal basis.

Natural foundation with your own hands

We do not call for a refusal to useProfessional means. This article is just a tip that will help to replace the tonal basis for a while. If you do not have tonaloks at hand, you will know what to do!

Natural foundation cream

Natural foundation with your own hands


  • loose powder
  • Moisturizing face cream

Natural foundation with your own hands

Mix in a small bowl slightly moisturizingCream and friable powder. It is very important not to overdo it with the amount of powder: the tonal product should turn out to be sparse, and also have a light consistency. If you prefer a more dense tonal basis, use a mineral powder instead of the usual one.

Be sure to share this make-up with your girlfriends with friends, be sure, you'll inspire them to experiment!