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Mistakes in relations

Today it seems that rather mankindWill settle in space or move to another planet, than people will learn to understand each other. everything is very difficult! Human relations, any, and especially family, have become a complex topic. Couples who have been married for many years diverge. Many young people do not even allow the thought that a family can be happy, and marriage a successful event.

Taking a responsible decision to be a family, a man and a woman do it out of love for each other. But over time some kind of devilry begins ... we'll figure out what fatal Mistakes men Destroy families. About women also say a few words. Love is an art that needs to be taught every day. If this does not happen, the pair is doomed!

Mistakes in relationship photos

Mistakes in relationships

  1. Attention deficit
    For any woman, attention is necessary, like air! A hug, a touch, a kind word. If you forget to give each other elementary attention in the routine of everyday affairs, you can lose the partner's trust. He simply decides that he does not need more, especially for women.

    What do you need to be attentive? It is necessary To practice concentration, Awareness. Live here and now, treat with vigilant respect for the person who is near.

    First of all you need to work on yourself. If the partner does not pay attention to you, maybe the fact is that he is not sufficiently developed and in principle is not capable of it, his world is closed and fixated only on one person - on himself.

    Mistakes of men in relationships

  2. market relations
    The main goal of modern man is to getYou can more benefit from any relationship, exchange your personal resource for another person's resource. Life has no other principles than the principles of fair exchange, has no other pleasures than pleasure to consume!

    Such market relations are doomed to failure, and the people who are in them are suffering. only Spiritual component Able to keep people together and make themHappy. The cruelty that people show to each other in everyday life is generated by market relations. It is necessary to be able to concede and empathize, men need to learn this constantly.

    Mistakes of women in relationships

  3. Humiliating comparisons
    It is very important never to compare a loved one with anyone. Comparison is one of the most humiliating manipulations; Negation of exclusivity The one with whom you live. So you do not have to compare, you have to work on yourself, watch your words and even your thoughts.

    If you are busy with the development of yourself and your human qualities, you will not think of pointing out the shortcomings of your half.

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  4. Time deficit
    Modern people are anxious, we all have oneThe goal is to move forward. In constant running we forget about what is really important! Time is something that people are constantly lacking. But the combined time is the best Breeding ground for relationships, Especially travel, an interesting hobby. This is very, very important!
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  5. Shortage of effort
    The problem of love is the problem of ability, notProblem of the object. It is customary to think that it is easy to love, but to find a worthy object for love or for being loved is difficult. nothing like this! Only working every day on yourself and relationships, accepting the other person completely, with all possible respect and understanding, you can create a truly strong union and know love.

    There can not be too manyEffort! They are always not enough, but how often we forget about it, relax, let go of our hands, cease to be focused on our feelings. So we lose love.

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Not only Mistakes husbands. Unfortunately, even wise wives allow them. What do you think about this? Share your personal experience, "so simple!" And all our readers will be grateful to you!