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Flower compositions

In almost every house there is Old umbrella, Which has long lost its direct purpose. But do not rush to throw this, at first glance, useless object. Because for the original decor, sometimes the most unusual things are needed!

Old umbrella can become the basis forAn amazing floral composition that will awaken the spring mood and transform everything around. Such a thing can easily decorate the interior of the house or porch, it will be a wonderful gift for friends and family!

Redaction "so simple!" Collected the best ideas for inspiration and tells how to make a spring composition yourself!

Original bouquet of flowers

Floral arrangements

  1. To make such a charming piece of decor,You will need an umbrella-cane, a satin ribbon, a floral sponge and seasonal flowers. Chrysanthemums, tulips, bush roses, lilacs, peonies will perfectly suit!

    Choose and combine flowers to your own taste.

    Original bouquet with own hands

  2. Set the umbrella so that it is convenient to work with. For this purpose you can use a laundry basket with a tightly rolled towel.
    Original bouquet
  3. Floristic sponge, previously moistened with water, put on the bottom of the umbrella.
  4. Flowers in an umbrella
  5. To fix the oasis, use a satin ribbon in the tone of the composition or a suitable twine.
    Flowers in the umbrella with their own hands
  6. Collect a bouquet of your favorite flowers and fasten it in a floral sponge.
    Flower umbrellas
  7. Add the composition of green stems and leaves.
    Spring composition by own hands
  8. Tie the extra tape to the umbrella handle. Then you can hang a flower decoration on the front door, the gate or the window.

    Spring compositions from real flowers

    Voilà, the spring bouquet is ready!

    Spring composition by own hands

  9. Such compositions can be used to decorate the house for holidays. For example, if you add original elements in the form of willow branches, bird nests or colorful eggs, you will get an amazing Decoration for easter!!
    Spring flower arrangement

    Spring floral compositions

Hope we inspired you to create your own flower arrangement. Because such an original bouquet will certainly give you and others a warm mood!