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How to quickly and effectively lose weight

You still can not say goodbye to Extra pounds? Then this article is specially for you! Today 10 girls with different life situations share their experiences of losing weight.

How quickly and effectively lose weight

  1. Alice green
    Stress before entering college, sleeplessNights, addiction to alcohol - all this had a negative effect on the physical health of alice green. Despite the fact that the girl regularly visited the gym, her figure left much to be desired. At some point, Alice realized that you need to change life priorities, otherwise everything can end badly.

    For 2.5 years, the girl studied carefullyPrinciples of healthy nutrition and tested them in practice. For this time Alice dropped more than 12 kg. "Self-discipline is the main factor that helped me lose weight," says the beauty.

    Personal experience in losing weight

  2. Maggi fierro
    After the birth of the third child, the maggie was afraid to approach the mirror. It seemed to her that it was simply impossible to return former forms. Solve the problem with Overweight The girl was helped by simple video with training. This method of losing weight was very effective, because you can do it at any convenient time.

    Also, the maggie picked up a food system, which included not only useful, but also delicious foods. The main factor that helped her lose weight, the woman believes a good motivation.

    Personal experience in losing weight

  3. Irvi
    Most recently, this beautiful woman weighed as much as 144 kg! For a long time Irvie was typing, then losing weight. At some point she decided that this can not continue like this. Today the girl goes to the gym 6 times a week, and also follows the diet menu, which she herself has developed. Irvi also helps other girls who want to lose weight: she leads a fitness blog.
    Personal experience in losing weight
  4. Cookie miller
    Before the rapid weight loss the girl was104 kilograms. The cause that caused the cookies to lose those extra pounds was a serious illness called "black acanthosis". In young people, this ailment is often a consequence of obesity.

    Diet and intensive exercise helped the cookiesGet rid of excess weight. Also the girl regularly uploaded a photo with the results of her achievements in instagram. This motivated her to further lose weight.

    Personal experience in losing weight

  5. Erika meadow
    Before losing weight the weight of the Erica was 146 kg. Obesity did not allow her to normally move around the apartment. The woman could not even pick up her little son. This made her act radically: Erica decided to strictly adhere to a certain plan of action.

    For this she downloaded the usual fitness application into the phone. The whole point of losing weight was a simple axiom: to spend more calories than you consume. In a year and a half Erica managed to lose 69 kg.

    Personal experience in losing weight

  6. Alice field
    Alice Filds is not one of those who sits idly by: She tried a lot of diets, as well as a number of intensive cardio. But the extra pounds did not hurry to leave her body. Desperate, alice decided to engage in powerlifting. Strangely enough, but strength training work, and a year later she got rid of extra pounds. Also alice began to adhere to a balanced diet.
    Personal experience in losing weight
  7. Cassidy lind
    At 25 years of age, the herd weighed over 114 kg. Before losing her weight, she decided to end bad habits once and for all. She refused to eat harmful food and completely changed her diet.

    Helped her in this special menu, whichOur cassidy on the Internet. Also the girl controlled the amount of water consumed per day. Three times a week, she visited the gym, paying special attention to cardio.

    Personal experience in losing weight

  8. Mitchell's Mitchell
    This girl suffered for a long time from thisDiseases like the intervertebral hernia. As a result of the mystery, she lost her job, began to abuse alcohol and cigarettes. All this had a negative impact on her health. One day the girl stood on the scales and did not believe her eyes: her weight was 140 kg.

    Was dissatisfied with the quality of her life andDecided to radically change everything. The first step on the way to losing weight was the rejection of harmful food: the girl preferred fast food to fish and vegetables. After a year she dropped 62 kg.

    Personal experience in losing weight

  9. Jennifer jinli
    Overweight played a cruel joke with jennifer: The girl became so insecure that she even persuaded her boyfriend to postpone for a while the offer of the hand and heart. The motivation to lose weight was a photograph of a vacation at sea: seeing her, the girl froze with horror ...

    Almost the next day, Jennifer became a member of one of the communities to fight overweight. A friendly team of like-minded people, as well as professional coaches helped the girl Get rid of obesity.

    Personal experience in losing weight

  10. Rebecca grafton
    The problem of excess weight pursued rebecca fromChildhood. Years later she began to work hard in the gym, not being shy and not thinking that others would condemn her. The girl also changed her diet, preferring separate food. She managed to lose 45 kg!
    Personal experience in losing weight

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