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How to clean the car

All who sew, know how important care forFavorite assistants: a sewing machine and an overlock. In the process of work between parts of the entrails accumulate a lot of villi and dust. And if you ignore regular cleaning, there is a big Breakage risk.

Dust in the sewing machine

You can clean the typewriter with a brush for drawing, but in this case there are even more villi ... "so simple!" Does not get tired to please the needlewomen with new ideas to facilitate their hard creative work. We suggest to make from improvised materials homemade Dust extractor In hard-to-reach places!

How to clean a car

You will need

  • A4 paper
  • Scotch
  • Plastic tube for drinks
  • a vacuum cleaner


  1. paper Fold the funnel so that a beverage can enter the hole. Fix the edge with adhesive tape.
    Dust in the sewing machine
  2. Insert the tube into the hole of the paper bag a long part inwards until the folding-accordion. Fix the tube in this place with an adhesive tape.
    Dust in the sewing machine
  3. Now all this design is put on Nozzle for a vacuum cleaner with a narrow tip (Designed to clean the cracks). Why on the nozzle, and not immediately on the tube of the hose? The nozzle will not allow paper to stick together from the strong draft of the vacuum cleaner.
    Dust in the sewing machine
  4. Insert the tip of the tube into the nozzle openingVacuum cleaner. Tape the paper nozzle so that it fits snugly on the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner. Then it can be easily removed and stored for reuse.
  5. Turn on a vacuum cleaner. Putting your finger to the tip of the tube, you will feel the air being sucked in. Now you can start cleaning the sewing machine.
    Dust in the sewing machine

The design is reusable and multifunctional, because the practical use of such a nozzle is not limited to a sewing machine. In any hard-to-reach places and crevices of the apartment there will not be a speck of dust!

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