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How to make a room bigger

Our hero-engineer's name is Lui Iijima. He had long and unsuccessfully searched for a decent rented apartment, which he could afford: it was not an easy task to find such an apartment in Berlin ... in the end, he took one tiny room. it was Very small room. No, not small, but negligible, tiny, close, only 2 square meters.

The guy discovered the talent! What you see now can be called the triumph of engineering thought. As the animals fit into the house, and all the things of Louis, everything that was necessary to him, clearly and beautifully blended into a small area.

How to make a room bigger

How to make a room bigger

  1. Work boiled! That's what the room looked like before the luys took it. Only 2 square meters! The guy decided to take something supernatural to accommodate in a small area and a double bed, and a variety of personal items, and even a bicycle!
    Small room interior design
  2. To make a bed, for the beginning of Louis bought the board. He saved: he found inexpensive wood and polished it himself.
    Small room with a big bed
  3. Then lui applied to the boards intended for the bed, a coat of primer and a layer of paint.
    Alteration of the room
  4. To implement his idea, the guy needed pipes. Here is the size of the pipe he bought in the store: 10 x 1890 mm, 4 x 2400 mm, 4 x 220 mm, 1 x 880 mm and 1 x 550 mm.
    Small bedroom bedroom-living room
  5. The first step is a square of pipes on the floor of the room.
    Repair in a small room
  6. Louis took measures not to scratch the floor in the room.
    Alteration of a small room
  7. Building a structure was not such a difficult task, all thanks to these details.
    Studio apartment
  8. This is how the top of the structure made of pipes looks.
    Studio apartment photo
  9. On the side the guy made a small ladder.
    Alteration of one-room apartment
  10. The turn of the wooden frame! First, he fixed the boards on the lower level.
    Repair in one-room apartment
  11. Now you need to raise the wooden frame to the level of the bed.
    Small room design
  12. Time of the mattress! The bed is almost ready ...
    If a small room
  13. Gorgeous! A cot next to the window is my childhood dream.
    What to do if a small room
  14. Boards at the head of the bed, stands instead of a coffee table, exquisite lantern ... small details complete the sleeper.
    Repair in a small room
  15. Improvised canopy.
    Alteration of a small room
  16. That's what the space under the bed looks like. How much space is left, everything fits, even a bicycle!
    Studio apartment photo

Did not have to break down the walls to enlarge this room: Louis inventively used the entire space of his monastery, having built 2 floors. How cleverly he came up with! Small room design Impressive functionality.

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