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Serving of the festive table

Table setting for a festive dinner - an insanely pleasant and fascinating activity! In fact so it would be desirable to please relatives not only with a tasty supper, but also a fantastic decor.

Style of design of the table Depends on the imagination and preferences of the hostess. The choice of tablecloths and napkins, dishes and appliances, the correct arrangement of decorative elements on the table is a very tedious process, but at the same time it will bring a lot of fun to the whole family!

Redaction "so simple!" Gathered the most interesting ideas how to arrange a table for a festive dinner.

Table setting

  1. The tablecloth is an important element of table setting, which gives an atmosphere of comfort and a real celebration.

    Decor of the festive table

    Most prefer a classic white tablecloth. But how interesting is it to experiment with color and textures!

    Decor ideas for a festive table

  2. The composition can be supplemented with cymbals or tracks in color.
    Decor of the festive table with your own hands
  3. In fact, you can wonderfully cover the table and without a tablecloth!
    Decor for a festive table
  4. Napkins are a necessary element of a festive table. They can be beautifully rolled up, decorated with decorative elements and put on a plate for each guest.
    Table setting

    Serving of a holiday table with own hands
  5. So that the snack plate does not slide on the podstavochnaya, between them you need to put another napkin.
    Serving a festive table at home
  6. Nothing will decorate the table better than fresh flowers!
    Table decor by own hands

    Table setting for dinner
  7. A unique decor will not leave guests indifferent.
    Table setting for dinner

    Table setting without tablecloth
  8. Natural elements in the table layout - an excellent solution for urban gatherings. This serving will remind you of the soulful atmosphere of country life.
    Table decoration with napkins
  9. Cozy and warm decor of the table for the celebration of Easter!
    Easter decor for festive table

    Table decoration by one's own hands
  10. Table setting in rustic style.
    Table decoration
  11. A warm summer get-togethers in such an atmosphere will leave only pleasant memories!
    Decor on the festive table

    Decor ideas for a festive table
  12. And most importantly! Do not overdo it and do not turn a generous decor into excess.
    Decor of a festive table of napkins

Use these wonderful ideas of serving, show imagination and ingenuity, and evening in the circle of relatives will be unforgettable!