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Temperament of a woman

For more than 25 centuries, people have been studyingSuch a question as the temperament of a person. Interest in it is primarily due to the obvious individual differences between people. When it comes to temperament, often mean a number of psychological signs: the depth and stability of emotions, the vigor of action, the individual characteristics of behavior and activity.

There are many teachings, approaches and methods for understanding this issue. Japanese and Koreans, for example, adhere to a theory that links the characteristics of temperament with Group of human blood.

Character of a woman by blood type

Temperament women

  1. I group
    Women of this blood type are very selfish. In relationships with men they are very jealous and passionate. These representatives of the fair sex are trying in all to control their chosen ones. So that a man who wants to go on the side, is unlikely to be able to implement their plans.

    These women are interested in the same predators as theyThemselves, to calm and gentle partners beauties quickly cool. Incidentally it is worth noting that among the businesswoman, successful entrepreneurs and world celebrities, it is women with the first blood group that predominate.

    Character of a woman by blood type

  2. Ii group
    The second group of blood flows from the ladies whoPatient and calm. Often they get an impression of them as disinterested, friendly and very disciplined people. Above all, these women value order and comfort, they seek a comfortable and conflict-free solution to problems.

    But with all this the possessor of the second groupBlood is very stubborn and irritable. They feel comfortable as subordinates. In a romantic relationship, these women are very shy and shy. The representatives of group ii are ideal wives.

    Character of a woman by blood type

  3. Iii group
    These women are flexible in nature: They perfectly tolerate loneliness, and in a large collective feel like a fish in the water. In contrast to the first two blood groups, the owners of group III do not like to lead or obey. But they manage to take advantage of a wide variety of situations, while maintaining independence.

    Such girls are still those party girls. Do not be surprised at the fact that they have many friends of the opposite sex. These ladies adore flirting.

    blood type

  4. Iv group
    Representatives of the fourth blood group - verySoft and balanced people. They are very tactful, polite and honest. While the young ladies are very hard at making any decisions: they are literally torn by doubts and internal conflicts. Such women are often very fond of, but rarely know well. In a romantic relationship, they are very sincere.
    blood type

And what kind of blood do you have? Do not be surprised if your characterization turns out to be very accurate. By the way, in Japan they still choose employees of companies taking into account the blood group.