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How to make a flower from satin ribbon

Flowers are the most wonderful thing of all than usPlease plants. Even women's beauty is associated with them. Due to climatic conditions, we can not enjoy flowers all year round. But you can easily make them with your own hands.

About, How to make beautiful flowers From the tapes, you will be told by the editorial staff "so simple!". So take a good mood with you and start creating beauty.

How to make a flower from satin ribbon

You will need

  • Satin and other woven tapes
  • needle
  • Thread
  • Candle or lighter
  • Silicone adhesive
  • Decorations for decoration


  1. Cut the satin ribbon into equal parts, lengthEach depends on the desired size of the future petal. Take one of the strips and bend, turning in the middle. Clip the two ends of the petal with a floss. Thus do the rest, connecting them with a needle and thread.

    When all the petals are ready, scrap two extreme,To make a full flower. Make a few more of these blanks of different sizes to eventually get a multi-layered flower. Stick out the threads with fire. Connect all the parts with silicone adhesive and add a bead. Ready!

  2. Cut from satin ribbons identical strips forFuture petals. Wrap them and scrapie them with fire. Do the same with all the petals, they should be in the form of a heart. Then fasten the petals together with glue, moving in a circle. Then go back to the bottom and add petals to make the bottom even. Very beautiful flowers come out.
  3. This is a very easy option. Just make a thick cut on the satin ribbon in the form of sharp triangles. When you stretch the thread through the whole of the edge and tighten it, you will get such a sweet flower.
  4. If you cut out round figures in a ribbon and pull them together like in the previous method, then you get such flowers. As you already understood, you can easily experiment with forms.

From such flowers you can do Three-dimensional paintings On the wall or just collect bouquets. This is a terrific element of home decor. In addition, this activity is very relaxing and helps to escape from everyday routine.

Be sure to try to make such flowers, we are sure it will be your new hobby. Share your ideas with your friends!