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Purification from negative energy

Have you ever had that when you come to visit someone's house, do you feel pleasant, and in another place - negative, fear, disgust? And this is not at all connected with a bad interior. It's all about Power engineering. It's bad when it's weak, but worse, if it's negative.

Clean the house of negative energy

This leads not only to fatigue andIrritability, but also quarrels, money leakage, illnesses and even the collapse of the family. On how to identify that in your house negative energy has accumulated, and how to get rid of it, you will tell the editorial staff "so simple!".

Purification from negative energy

Signs of accumulation of negative energy in the house

  1. There were cockroaches and other harmful insects.
  2. Lost and lost things.
  3. Often sick family members and pets.
  4. Plants do not grow and die.
  5. Often burn out bulbs and electrical appliances for no apparent reason.
  6. Pipes run, often plumbing.
  7. The doors and windows are slamming themselves.
  8. There are unpleasant odors without a source.
  9. Frequent conflicts in the family.
  10. The inhabitants of apathy to everything around, constant fatigue.
  11. Bad dreams, sleep does not restore strength.
  12. A malevolent envious person visited the house.
  13. Someone died in the house.
  14. Perhaps before you settled, there was a dysfunctional family in the house or a crime.

Clean the house of negative energy

If there are items that coincide with what is happening at home, you need to think about how to heal your home. Do not be scared, all methods are simple enough and do not require intervention Otherworldly forces.

How to rid the house of negative energy

  1. Purification of own energy
    You yourself can bring a negative to your home. To clean up your energy, you need to take a shower, but not ordinary, but with salt. Salt is a conductor of energy and is capable of accumulating it, and in combination with water it is washed off.

    Taking a shower, sodium body with ordinary salt,Massage and have a good time. While you should be in a good mood and think about how to get rid of all the bad. Believe me, you will immediately feel warm and light in your heart after such a procedure.

    Clean house of negative energy

  2. Save the house from unnecessary
    All things have memory and are capable of accumulating energy. That's why you need to get rid of unnecessary items in time, especially if unpleasant memories are associated with them. Remember: Anything that has not been used for more than a year accumulates negative energy.

    Before starting to get rid of unnecessary things, openIn the house all the windows and doors - a draft will remove all the negative. Put on simple but neat home clothes. Do not wear jewelry and be in a neutral mood. Dispose of all the broken dishes, even if there is a small scratch on the plate. Also do not keep it dirty. Old clothes or hand over to the workshop, or throw it away. Watch the battery in a clock, they do not have to stop.

    Now get down to Mirrors: Wipe them with a damp cloth clockwise, the number of circles depends on how many years the mirror. If the figure you do not remember, then make 13. if the house has Old mirrors Or remaining from the previous tenants, these things must be disposed of.

    Clean house of negative energy

  3. Sprinkling and fumigation
    Prepare a basin with thawed or holy water, but not tap water. Sprinkle it neatly and then wash your hands. After that, set fire to the branches of dry St. John's wort and carry them to all corners of the dwelling.
    How to properly clean the house of negative energy
  4. Cleansing with a candle
    Need a church candle. Take a candle and put it on a small circle, cut out of white paper. Light a candle and start moving from the entrance door - the main gate of negative energy. Carefully process the candle with a candle and all its surface, not forgetting the pens and the bell. Then go to the inner side of the door, doing the same.

    Then move along the perimeter of the house clockwiseArrow. Pay special attention to windows, mirrors, corners, hangers, as well as a computer and a TV set, because they accumulate a lot of energy dirt. When you finish cleaning the house with a candle, you will have one or more burned candles on the saucer. Immediately throw them in the trash, do not leave in your house.

    How to properly clean the house of negative energy

  5. Cleaning hands after cleaning
    After you have spent all the necessary rituals,You should wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Then sodium hands with salt, wash and wait until they dry. Then razmnni fingers. Then rub your hands clockwise and shake them. So you will get rid of the negatives obtained during the cleaning process.
    How to clean the house of negative energy
  6. Repeated cleaning
    To find out if you got rid of all negativeEnergy, after three days after harvesting light a candle and wait until half is burned. Look at the shape of the melted wax: if it is ugly and dark, then you need to repeat the cure of the house. If it is bright and beautiful, then your house is clean. The procedure for cleaning the home should be carried out 1-2 times a year or after negative events (death of relatives, bad guests).
    How to clean the house of negative energy

For prevention

  1. Sound of bells
    Hang on the front door and around the house little bells. It is proved, their ringing frightens off the negative and favorably affects the human body.
  2. Light a candle
    From time to time, light a candle in the house. It can be over dinner or in the bathroom for relaxation. The purifying power of fire is not comparable to anything!
    9, how to clean your house of negative energy
  3. Wet cleaning and ventilation
    Keep your house clean and do wet cleaning every week. In time throw out the garbage. And from time to time open the doors and windows to make a draft.
    9, how to clean your house of negative energy
  4. Get a cat
    Yes, it is cats that can protect the house from negative energy. Since ancient times this animal was endowed with magical abilities.
    9, how to clean your house of negative energy

It may seem ridiculous to you, because we live in the xxi century. But people are capable of charging their subjects with negative thoughts Negative energy. Moreover, you never know what people want you who come to your house. Do not regret the time and take care of the cure of your home - it certainly will not hurt!

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