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Cancer Prevention

Athonite monks Do not get cancer. No, not so: Athos monks do not get sick and never had cancer! This is evidenced by the results of studies of remains, the age of which varies in the interval of several millennia. Moreover, now the average age of Athos monk is 94 years!

This amazing fact of the inhabitants of the sacred mountain is explained simply: to stay healthy, to maintain an excellent physical and mental form they are helped by a special diet.

Athonite monks do not have cancer

Cancer prevention

Devoid of harmful fats food - excellentPrevention of all neoplasms. Monks do not eat meat, but their diet contains a variety of fish and cheeses (goat, sheep cow). Very important is the fact that most of the time monks give physical labor in the open air - they grow vegetables and fruits.

Athonite monks do not have cancer

Also, monks have a number of rules, without observance of which does not pass any of their day.

  1. Avoid stressful situations, fuss, vain excitement and anger. Cleanse your soul, and then it will be your best bodily physician.
  2. Try to be more often in the fresh air: do not miss the chance to go to the forest, to the dacha or outside the city.
  3. Gradually abandon the use of preservatives, fats, meat and processed foods.
  4. Three times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) observe a strict fast. Eat only raw foods: fruits and vegetables.
  5. Dedicate a few hours a day to sports or physical work.
  6. Try to restore order in your intimate life, reducing the number of sexual acts to 3-4 per month.
  7. Give up such bad habits as smoking and drinking alcohol.

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