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Lightning repair

How offensive sometimes it happens when at the most inopportune moment on your favorite clothes lightning breaks. I sewed my button and forgot it, but What to do with lightning? Of course, to run to the nearest studio!

But if you want to wear your favorite jeans today, you can use our advice and fix the ill-fated zipper at home!

Redaction "so simple!" I found an excellent solution to how quickly and reliably repair the harmful clasp at home.

Repair of lightning

The first priority - Insert doggie back. For this you need to make a very neat and rather deep incision in the lower part of the zipper.

Move the slider to the place of the incision, put it in its place and zip up the zipper.

Take a strong needle and thread in the color of the product. It is necessary Flash Place the notch as shown in the image.

Voila! Spent only 10 minutes - and you can run on business!

So as not to face more of a similar problem and extend the life of the lightning, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with Simple rules Its careful use.

  1. Never pull the slider that there is urine!
  2. If you feel some difficulty when fastening metal zippers, you can lubricate the lock with soap.
  3. Carefully ironing things that are sewn on Plastic zipper. Because the iron can easily melt the teeth and spoil your favorite thing!
  4. Keep things with lightning should be very neat, not kinking the buckle.
  5. If you unfasten the slider with your fingers, you can wear it out very quickly.

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