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Compliance with hygiene

Bad habits are formed much faster and easier than useful! "We are what we constantly do. Perfection, therefore, not an action, but a habit ". So Aristotle thought, and I admire these wise words.

The habit of being In the toilet with telephone Requires your careful attention. If you often sin such a thing, you should reconsider your actions! The reason is serious.

Adherence to the rules of hygiene


That a person will spend 2 times more time in the toilet, if it turns out there with a phone, there is no doubt. But it's not a loss of priceless moments of life.

Hygiene in men

And not even that very often smart phones make an unplanned dive into the water.

Adherence to hygiene in women

Seemingly innocuous habit! But Dr. Lisa Askerley, a specialist in hygiene, does not think so. If you took a smartphone with you to the bathroom, it is highly likely to be infected E. coli or Salmonella. It does not matter how thoroughly you washed your hands after hygiene.

Pathogenic microorganisms may not be locatedOnly on the skin of the hands! They live freely in space, the screen of the phone is a wonderful warm place where you can live and live for several days. Speaking on the phone, you press it to the skin of the face. Often use a smartphone even while eating! And there are already nesting unpleasant microbes ...

Hygiene compliance photo

The consequences of contamination with harmful bacteria can be deplorable. Nausea, vomiting, spasms, upset stomach. Infection with salmonella in some cases can lead to death.

It is worth to stop using the phone in the toilet, especially in public places, where there are many people! It will also be superfluous to periodically wipe the screen of a smartphone or tablet Disinfectants: Alcohol or vinegar, using a soft cloth made of microfiber. It is also acceptable to wipe the screen with wet wipes. Healthier you will be!

Non-compliance with hygiene

Importance of hygiene Can not be overemphasized. This is the law, thoughtlessly violating which you can severely pay. Pass this information on to friends, please!