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Crafts from boxes

Children just love new toys! But what if the toy quickly became boring, and buying every week a new and expensive and pointless? Fortunately, there are many simple and fascinating ways how to make Educational toys with own hands From improvised materials.

You will need a minimum of tools - scotch tape,Glue, scissors, bright felt-tip pens and several cardboard boxes. Consult with the child, what would he like, evaluate their capabilities and soon begin an exciting lesson.

Redaction "so simple!" Collected a selection of fascinating ideas that will help make children's dreams come true!

Crafts from boxes

  1. Grocery store
    A great way to take children to an exciting game for an hour or two.
    Cardboard toys
  2. Washer
    You must definitely help your mom and wash all-all things!
    Cardboard toys with their own hands
  3. Labyrinth
    A great idea for children's holidays in the open air. For this game you need a lot of boxes, but the result is worth the effort!
    Toys made of cardboard boxes
  4. Cardboard television
    With such an attribute you can turn into a real star of the screen.
    Homemade toys from boxes
  5. kitchen
    In such a kitchen it will be very exciting to cook a delicious dinner for the whole family.
    Educational toys from boxes
  6. car
    Boys from such a toy will be delighted!
    Toys from boxes

    Box toys
  7. aircraft
    For real aces!
    Toys from large boxes
  8. Photographic camera
    A great way to distract children from parental smartphones.
    Children's toys from boxes
  9. Castle for a real princess
    True ladies will certainly appreciate this royal palace.
    Toys from cardboard boxes
  10. rocket
    Spacecraft for the brave explorers of the galaxy!
    How to make toys from cardboard boxes
  11. Castle for the valiant knight
    It would seem, two cartons and bright colors, and the result is delicious!
    How to make toys from boxes
  12. ship
    The best captain of such a ship will definitely like it.
    Crafts from boxes for children

By all means try to make something together with the kid. You are sure to have fun and useful time!