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Furniture from bottles

Mikaela Pedros is a social designer from London. The girl, inspired by the values ​​of democratic design and the "do it yourself" culture, strives to contribute to the development of society.

Furniture from bottles by own hands

Micaela found a universal way how to make a variety of furniture at all Without nails, Connecting the parts with an ordinary plastic bottle.

Today edition "so simple!" Shares the technology of using plastic for making such accessories independently.

Stool of bottles

Furniture from bottles

  1. To make such a stool at home, you will need a plastic bottle, several wooden bars and a construction hair dryer.
    Furniture from plastic bottles
  2. The neck and the bottom of the bottle must be cut.

    We make furniture from bottles
  3. We connect the bars with the help of a plastic tube, which we got from the bottle, and heat it with a hairdryer.
  4. Furniture from plastic bottles
  5. Plastic under the influence of high temperature is compressed and connects the bars together tightly.
    Homemade furniture from bottles

    Furniture from plastic with own hands
  6. The thing turns out to be quite strong. But aesthetic qualities will not suit everyone. And Mikaela understands this. But the main goal of the girl is to share a great idea!
    Furniture from plastic

    Stool of plastic bottles

    If you work on a design, then it's quite possible to make a cute stool!
    How to make a stool of plastic bottles

The spectacle is not the most common, at first glance. Because art knows no boundaries. But agree that the idea of ​​using plastic in everyday life is quite interesting and relevant!