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Cleansing of the intestines from toxins

Marva oganyan - naturopathic physician, biochemist,A professional with 45 years of experience. This wise woman believes that such seemingly incurable diseases as cancer, diabetes, hypertension, can be eradicated in quite simple and accessible ways. The main task is to understand where most of the modern ailments come from!

Marwa oganyan purification

Let's look at the basic principles followed by the Ohanyan margin.

Cleansing of the intestines from toxins

  1. The basis of the theory of medicine is biochemistry
    Biochemistry studies the metabolism, which isThe basis of all processes in the body. Marva Vagarshakovna glorifies biochemistry in all her lectures. She believes that absolutely every sensible person is obliged to know biochemistry, as the basics of mathematics, for example.

    If you analyze what you eat every day, what you consist of, you can correctly navigate in life. "Having established a food, adjust and a life as a whole", - says the woman. It is necessary to learn how to build your life from the material that is intended for this.

    What is happening now? The fruits of the work of biochemists are not used by practically any doctor, let alone the population. All the discoveries remain in the laboratories - this is a fatal error. Because our health is completely dependent on bio-exchange.

  2. Modern medicine treats only the symptoms
    This point of view is described by Oganyan in the book"Environmental medicine: the path of a future civilization". No doctor will tell a woman now, for example, that she has breast cancer because she often had a sore throat or pneumonia that was not treated as a child.

    By the way, not a single childhood illness is cured. Remember and analyze, most likely, many of your childhood ailments have become chronic and torment you even now.


  3. "The cause of all diseases is in the intestines!"
    "Death comes from the intestines," says MarwaAnd this is literally so! If people knew and used the rules for cleansing the intestines, they would live happily ever after. The older the person, the more dirt he accumulates in himself.

    Cleansing of the intestines from toxins

    There is a myth that if one often rinsesIntestine, then you can wash the microflora. Yes, it is possible, but only a pathogenic, putrefactive microflora. Under the weight of slags, the intestine loses its tone, sags, and problems begin with emptying.

    In modern medicine Bowel cleansing procedure Is quite common and safe. Most importantly, do not be afraid and give a healthy microflora proper nutrition.

  4. Correct and improper nutrition
    Food is a great blessing, but in the modern world it has become a great evil. "Public" food is Criminal for health food. That is why in kindergartens children oftenGet sick, it's all because of the harmful food. For example, in Switzerland in kindergartens children are fed salads, fruits and tea with honey. This, in the opinion of marwa, is sufficient for satiety, as well as physical and mental health.

    Marga Vagarshakovna is convinced that all thermally processed food is inanimate and incorrect. It is very important that the biochemistry of food and Biochemistry of the body Were in harmony. In winter, of course, it is difficult to manage only live, raw food, but in the summer to observe the regime is quite real.

    On this topic the doctor has a whole complex of lectures "biological nutrition for the human body."

    Cleansing of the intestines without harm

  5. For the treatment is only what is created by nature!
    Any food has a pharmacological effect on the body. But positively affects only that which corresponds to our biochemistry.

    Proper nutrition for the intestine

    "If a person develops an ecologicalConsciousness, he will not tolerate the absurdity that is happening now in the whole world, but will start leading people for himself, thereby improving the world as a whole! "- says Marva Vagarshakovna.

It is worth to listen to the advice of this wise woman, because our health is priceless!