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Restoration of shoes

Old sneakers or sneakers! Someone puts the shoes on the landfill immediately, and someone knows these wonderful secrets and enjoys the process of restoring worn-out couples ...

How to fix shoes, If an uglyScrub or hole? What should I do if the sole is yellow or covered with black stripes of unknown origin? How correctly to wash sneakers in the washing machine? Make clear!

Restoration of shoes

Restoration is such a difficult word! But it means simple processes: shoe up, where necessary, tint, make it perfectly clean. I do not see anything shameful in carrying out measures to save your favorite sneakers!

How to make a thermal patch

  1. Tattered socks on sneakers or sneakers and even noticeable holes will help to mask the patch.
    Restoration of shoes with their own hands
  2. Be sure to wash and dry your shoes before repair!
    How to remake old shoes
  3. before as Fix a thermal patch, Prisha on frayed pieces of plashevki. Do it from the outside, so that after repair shoes do not sting and do not discomfort when walking.
    How to fix old shoes
  4. Heat the iron to maximum, but turn off the steam function.
    Restoration of shoes photo
  5. Cut the heat seal in half. Remove the protective film and attach the cloth to the shoes.
    Restoration of shoes
  6. Iron the thermo-patch until the wrinkles disappear. If some pieces of fabric are superfluous, cut them off with the help of a nail scissors.
    How to fix shoes

How to whiten the sole

The white sole is extremely dirty! Return the whiteness will help lemon acid: Rub the powder over the entire surface of the sole, leave it for a while, then carefully wash it off. Cleans and whitens the sole well baking soda.

One of the favorite methods is an old toothbrush and whitening toothpaste - cope even with complex pollution! A common eraser, wiping pencil marks, will also help wipe off stains from shoes. So do not rush to send sneakers with yellowed soles to the dump.

How to fix shoes

How to wash sneakers

Is it possible Wash sneakers in a washing machine? Of course, you can, but you must follow a number of rules! even more Old shoes Can be changed after machine wash.

If the sneakers have retro-reflectors, they can not be erased in the typewriter - bright details will just peel off. Before washing, be sure to remove the shoelaces and insole from the sneakers, so the shoes are much better washed.

Before loading the machine, place the shoes in the A bag for washing. Select a delicate mode, the wash temperature is notShould exceed 30 degrees. I recommend turning off the spin-off mode: this can damage the washing machine, even if the sneakers will quietly transfer the procedure.

Restoration of shoes

in no case Not sushi sneakers in the washing machine!! This will lead to their deformation. Before putting sneakers to dry in natural conditions, fill them with white paper. In no case by newspapers - paint from newspaper sheets can paint shoes. can be used Food parchment for this purpose.

Restoration of old shoes

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If the shoes smell unpleasant, baking soda will come to the rescue! Place an open plastic bag with soda inside the shoe overnight. Soda will absorb any smells and moisture, as if by magic!

How to restore shoes

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Ideas for lacing sneakers

It is sometimes enough to just replace the shoelaces on the shoes so that it completely changes the look. Colored laces enliven even a worn pair!

Restoration of shoes photo

Why not lace up the sneakers in a new way? Here are a few nice ways that will make shoes more original. Save yourself and enjoy it with pleasure!

  1. Restoration of shoes photo
  2. Restoration of shoes photo
  3. Restoration of shoes photo
  4. Restoration of shoes photo
  5. Restoration of shoes photo

I hope these councils help you to revive more than one old pair of shoes! Tell us what tricks you use for home restoration of shoes, we will be very grateful.